Walker & Drake

In 2020, Walker & Drake set out to bring cold-pressed kibbles to the UK market – the first of their kind to do so. With the unique selling point of offering a complete range of PE/PE laminated solutions in Quad Seal and Flat Bottom formats across pack sizes and various zipper features, Law Print was chosen for this exciting new project!

Like many other businesses in a very competitive environment, W&D pride themselves on innovative product and sustainability, so they knew straightaway that they wanted recyclable packaging and our Ready2Recycle bags were the excellent accompaniment to their trend setting pet food.

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To make sure they stood out from the crowd, they quickly decided that instead of creating packaging that would be too similar to others in the industry, we should work together to create playful designs and combine them with sustainable packaging. 

 As ‘Cold Pressed’ dog food is a relatively new concept in the UK, the design needed to reflect this. The small Flat Bottom and large Quad Seal bags, with their huge amount of potential space for branding, helped to get the message across clearly but without compromising the final appearance.

The result is a bold, confident, modern design and the packaging is both strong and recyclable – with tear notches to make opening easier and a zipper to make sure it can be closed again to keep the food fresh, therefore reducing food waste. 

It’s evident that, at the moment, the dog food market is heavily saturated, so being distinctive was absolutely necessary and was set as one of their top goals. The W&D team approached both Law Print & a design agency called The Brand Nursery, and asked for our help to develop their brand identity and packaging for their unique dog food. 

By using an eye-catching illustration style, this allows the brand to range a greater standout on the shelf. The flat bottom of the small bags means it can stand easily, but if it was needed to be laid flat, the bottom panel could also be printed on. W&D took advantage of this, and the full effect is guaranteed!

It was very exciting to work with Walker & Drake on their new product and we would encourage anyone thinking of making a foray into the pet food industry to give us a call. We can talk through your options regarding packaging and artwork!


“It was clear from our initial meetings with the team at Walker & Drake that they were bringing something new to the pet food market and sustainability was a must for them. It was exciting to see the bold designs come to life in our recyclable PE/PE bags. The designs are so eye-catching and utterly different from anything we have seen and certainly stands out on the shelf! Thank you to the team at Walker & Drake and also the design team at The Brand Nursery, great job all around!”

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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