Law Print were thrilled when the team at Pets Choice reached out to work together again. This time round, they became the first customers to choose our innovative, new Ready 2 Recycle packaging for their Webbox brand of natural dog treats.

The company, like many at the moment, were on the lookout for a sustainable packaging solution that can be recycled after use. We were proud to be tasked with the project and assist Pets Choice on their journey to a more environmentally-friendly packaging solution.

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Law Print and Pets Choice have a long-standing relationship, so we were naturally delighted when they turned to us to add recyclable packaging to their new product range. The PE-PE pouches we provided are made from the same plastic material structure that is recyclable without compromising on shelf-life or aesthetic appeal.

We have supplied Pets Choice with paper solutions in the past but our Ready 2 Recycle pouches ticked all the boxes in terms of look, feel and recyclability. We added the clear window feature to show off the contents of the treats. Consumers are more conscious than ever before when it comes to their pet products and adding this level of transparency quickly breaks down that trust barrier that they will have.

We believe as a leading packaging supplier we share a responsibility to encourage our clients to opt for the most environmentally-friendly packaging solutions where possible. Being able to help Pets Choice make the switch to sustainable for their new natural treats, was not only a fitting move that complements the concept of their product, but further shows that we’re all moving in the right direction.

We know that customers are becoming more discerning about their choice in pet food, and we feel Webbox Natural is leading the way when it comes to natural yet affordable choices.

We know that there are a lot of misconceptions or ‘myths’ out there and as a responsible manufacturer we want to empower consumers to make the best decision when selecting food for their pets and that’s what we aim to achieve from this campaign. 

Julie Butcher – Head of Marketing

[us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”Natalie Yuille” company=”Sales Account Manager” img=”8364″]Having worked with Pet Choice for a long time, we understand the direction in which they are taking their brand, and when they told us they were on the lookout for a recyclable solution, we knew that the Ready 2 Recycle range would be perfect for their products. The innovative same material structure of the pouches mean that Pets Choice don’t have to concede on print quality or consistency in order to make the switch to sustainable packaging. The wonderfully nature-inspired Webbox branding will look as good as ever on our Ready 2 Recycle pouches.[/us_testimonial]

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