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At Law Print, we were delighted when the team at Pets Choice approached us to work together again. It has been a big year for their Webbox brands, with the refresh of their core range, Webbox Naturals, in our Ready 2 Recycle sustainable packaging solutions and the addition of new products.

For the Webbox Naturals brand, they even decided to throw a complete rebrand in the mix – a far cry from the original faded natural look, choosing a more daring and vibrant leafy concept!

We were thrilled to be tasked with the new project and assist once more Pets Choice on their journey to a more environmentally-friendly packaging solution, having successfully worked with their team on many occasions before.

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By choosing PE/PE packaging for their Webbox Naturals range, it now means that the bag can be recycled; once the product is finished, the consumer can return it to stores by dropping the bag off at a plastic bag recycling point, usually found at large supermarkets.

Giving pets the diet they deserve, Webbox Naturals range of vet-approved food is made with 100% natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, so it was only right that the packaging reflected this.  The Lancashire-based company says the range has undergone a full rebrand to make it ‘feel fresh, fun and modern, helping it to boldly stand out on shelves, in a predominantly beige category’.

Law Print was heavily involved in the process from start to finish.  With an already strong long standing relationship, we were their first choice for the new packaging and we were very excited to work with this beautiful new design!

We believe as a leading packaging supplier, we share a responsibility to encourage our clients to opt for the most environmentally-friendly packaging solutions where possible.  Choosing our Ready2Recycle range of PE/PE bags was an easy choice for the eco-conscious brand.

Featuring bright colours and new designs, the packaging includes ‘call-outs’ that shoppers look for as a critical priority, such as ‘gentle on tummies’. Quad Seal bags are perfect for dog food; they’re strong, stable and can feature a wide array of ease of use technology such as zippers or handles.

The innovative same material structure of the Quad Seal bags mean that Pets Choice don’t have to concede on quality or consistency to make the switch to sustainable packaging. Being able to help Pets Choice make the change for their natural dog food was not only a fitting move that complements the concept of their product but further shows that we’re all moving in the right direction!


It was a pleasure to assist Pets Choice with their bold Webbox Naturals quad seal bags. The new Naturals branding fits in perfectly with our recyclable PE/PE structure and the finished printed result is so vibrant and bound to stand out on the shelf!

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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