Law Print & Packaging have been working with the team at Pets Choice to deliver packaging for many of their well-known brands such as Webbox, Goodwyns and Spike’s World.

Last year, Pets Choice embarked on a new project to rebrand ‘WildThings’, with a complete brand overhaul and consequent new packaging design. The brand focuses on nutritious food for wild garden visitors, with products tailored to swan and ducks, as well as badgers, foxes and hedgehogs.

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Having supplied the previous WildThings range, Law Print was set the challenge of managing the packaging development for the new collection of SOS paper bags. The bags varied in size from 1.5Kg up to 13Kg to give the consumer a choice between a smaller format or larger bags for those with large flocks of wildfowl to feed, such as charities or rescues.

 “As soon as we saw the initial design ideas we knew the bags would look great on the shelf. Using paper in packaging always creates a rustic, organic feel for brands, and consumers are increasingly buying into brands that demonstrate real authenticity.

“The whimsical, nature-inspired repeat pattern across the range is completely different to other brands on the market and the consistency throughout the products really cements the new brand handwriting,” said Natalie Yuille, Sales Account Manager at Law Print & Packaging.

Although paper provides the preferred look and feel for packaging, there can also be some issues to overcome when using paper for any perishable food product.

The lack of barrier protection can result in reduced shelf life when compared with plastic alternatives so the team opted for a protective film lining that protects the product within, as well as preventing grease from staining the paper.

Camille Ashforth, WildThings product manager commented: “After carrying out extensive internal research and analysis, we then used these insights to revitalise the brand and visual language, without overlooking the opportunity to re-visit the type of packaging used. Law Print & Packaging’s expertise in this area is second to none, and the chosen SOS paper bag really finishes off the desired look and feel of the WildThings brand.”

[us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”Natalie Yuille” company=”Sales Account Manager” img=”8364″]“Having worked on many successful projects with the team at Pets Choice this has to be one of our favourites. It’s great to see brands focus on packaging whilst rebranding, as it’s often such an overlooked part of the marketing mix. We’re delighted with the finished product and feel the packaging has been a great platform to bring out the fun and unique aspects of the brand.”

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