Yarrah Organic Pet Food

Yarrah Organic Petfood – a Certified B Corp – transitions the packaging for its entire kibble range to recyclable mono material PE/PE bags. Choosing Law Print as their new packaging supplier was the result of a strategic decision based on a thorough selection process.

With a proven track record of already supplying recyclable packaging solutions to the pet food industry for a couple of years, Law Print also offered competitive prices and a very hands-on approach to the project management.

We demonstrated not only our packaging expertise but also our vast knowledge of the market and high level of services from initial concept all the way to delivery, being one of our very first customers to benefit from our new EU set up in Holland – avoiding the post-Brexit unnecessary delays!

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Yarrah was founded in 1992 by pioneers in fair animal nutrition. Since the start, their complete range is fully organic, delivering healthy pet food of the best quality, without putting an unnecessary strain on nature. In their quest to switch to more sustainable packaging for their dry pet food, they came to us looking for innovative solutions.

After considering a number of options to align the new packaging to their brand ethos, they made a conscious choice to move both their Yarrah and DANO Dog & Cat food into mono material PE bags – a single polymer structure making them completely recyclable.

“We agreed that mono plastic is the very best choice for us. Sustainability tends to be associated with paper, but paper comes with problems of its own. One example is that it would still need a plastic coating on the inside, dramatically reducing its recyclability.

We also looked into and decided against biodegradable plastic because it doesn’t always decompose completely and tends to contaminate the compost heap with microplastics.”

Ultimately, Yarrah are very happy with the changeover – getting closer to their sustainability goals, knowing that their bags are ready to be recycled and that most waste processors are already able to repurpose their bags and give them a second life.

“Law Print acted decisively and was very adequate in answering our questions. They already had proven experience in mono material packaging with pet food and they offered the option to add a zipper in the same material. This way we can provide added value to the consumer but stay 100% recyclable, which is very important to us.

Furthermore, Law Print could supply us with all the required pack sizes across both ranges, which made it possible for us to choose only one supplying partner in dry food packaging. Law Print is a very professional partner who really thinks along with our needs as a customer. They support us with their knowledge and expertise in a very good way.

Law Print are also proactive, flexible and very reliable. Last but not least, the collaboration is pleasant and working with the people of Law Print is good fun!”

Meriel Selier – Marketing Director & Bas van Tongeren – CEO – Yarrah – DANO Dog & Cat


Yarrah is exactly the sort of project that Law Print excels at and demonstrates why we are being recognised as the ideal packaging supplier in the first place – we have professional expertise, we share our market knowledge, we deliver high quality products and service levels, we offer a unique and complete range of recyclable packaging solutions, and more importantly we listen to our customer needs and build up a true partnership with them.

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
Sales & Marketing Director

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