Yora Cat Food

In 2020, Law Print and Yora teamed up to bring sustainable insect-based pet food for dogs to the market using our Ready2Recycle mono material bags. This year, we were tasked to help them launch the cat food version of the range, which has become incredibly popular. 

Our PE/PE bags are the perfect solution to pack pet food and kibble for brands wanting to meet their recyclability goals. They retain the content’s freshness, can be resealed with a zipper feature and are durable too.

With a very recognisable brand image, the Yora range has been extended into a vibrant beetroot-like colour scheme to bring the Cat lines to life – proving that sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be only green!

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Yora Cat food is a perfectly balanced truly hypoallergenic diet recommended for adult cats over 12 months. All the goodness of insect protein, with oats and beetroot which are rich in soluble fibre, encouraging good gut mobility, helping keep hairballs under control.

Yora is made with natural insect protein, which the group said is the “most digestible” and “sustainable” form of protein available.

This new recipe includes herbs and botanicals, such as oats and beetroot for gut mobility; seaweed for gut health and thyroid health; glucosamine and chondroitin – the perfect recipe that required the most perfect sustainable bag!

The new Cat food product is available in 375g, 1.5Kg and 3.75Kg flat bottom bags, which require less material than the more traditional quad seal format. The packaging structure utilises space more effectively, allowing for the same volume of product. With all the on-shelf advantages of printed cartons, flat bottom bags also offer a stable, free-standing structure with 5 graphic panels for increased branding.

The single polymer bags are 100% Ready to Recycle, which means that they can be dropped off at various supermarket points to be recycled, along with shopping carrier bags. The bags have proved to be very successful at not only providing the means to keep the Yora pet food fresh, but also keeping sustainability at the forefront of their consumer’s minds.

Yes, they are plastic bags but they are recyclable plastic bags, and this is what the Yora Cat Food team came to realise and explains here – it is better in the long run, and this is why!


Sustainability is extremely important to Yora, so it was essential for them that the new cat range was in the same recyclable mono material structure as the dog range we also produce for them. With more and more retailers installing recycling bins in their stores, it’s never been easier to recycle your empty packaging!

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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