If your business is finding it hard to overcome some of the many challenges we’re all facing at the moment, and it seems like you’ve exhausted all options, we have something which may be of help to reduce the new Plastic Packaging Tax that you are now obligated to pay for all packaging you use or import into the UK.

Everything is a little bit more expensive, and for businesses who are finding it hard to balance the books, and have taken on extra costs incurred from the new tax, we have been able to find a glimmer of light and we can offer packaging solutions suitable to your needs but using less plastic whenever possible.

The Plastic Packaging Tax came into effect in April 2022, and we’ve been approached by a few brands that are struggling with the costs they’re incurring. The high cost can come from various problems, such as over-packaged products that could be better served to the public.  And we can solve most of them very quickly, so your packaging can evolve and move in the right direction with Law Print over the next few months. 

The solution isn’t a secret. We’ve been championing the use of flexible plastic packaging for over 18 years.

By reducing your packaging’s weight, we can help businesses reduce the amount of tax you’ll pay. The lighter, the less tonnage to declare. For example, stand up pouches are lighter and use less plastic to hold the same amount of product compared to traditional tubs. So what are you waiting for? All you need to do is click here, type in your information and send it off to us! 

Read on to find out more about how we can help solve your plastic packaging tax woes.

Sports Nutrition

We offer suitable solutions for all your sports nutrition packaging needs, from Stand Up Pouches to Flat Bottom Bags.

If you offer protein powder in tubs, you will be experiencing competition from brands that have already switched over to flexible packaging. Some well-established sports nutrition brands were using large voluminous tubs, but when their users started to demand a more lightweight and portable product, they switched to  flexible plastic packaging solutions instead – from small pouches to larger quad seal and flat bottom bags.

We know that your brand needs to stand out in an over-saturated market. We supply packaging that wows with beautiful hi-definition flexographic and gravure printing which provides detailed graphics, vibrant colours and the desired on-shelf appeal.

Pet Food

We supply a wide range of pet food packaging solutions including the popular 4 corner seal bags with or without a front zipper or the handy stand-up pouches and 3 side seal bags to pack smaller quantities or treats.

Aside from the obvious advantages such as fresher food and more accessible kitchen or cupboard storage, the compactness of a treats pouch gives the upper hand to owners as the portability out-rivals tubs when out and about. Adding resealable zippers means the benefits are tenfold. Grabbing the treats pouch from the cupboard and tossing it into your bag saves huge amounts of time, so more quality time can be spent out and about.

Food/Baby Food/Drinks/Confectionery

Bottles and tubs are still used for a majority of items within this genre. For example, sauces, pick’n’mix, wine or spirits. 

But did you know that by changing over to pouches or bags, you can appeal to different audiences such as Millennials who love a new trend, and offer unique and worthy advantages of an Instagram or TikTok post? 

Unboxing videos are huge on social media, but what if you buck the trend and start something new with your innovative flexible packaging? Challenge an influencer to compare and contrast, or ask them to review the pros and cons. You’ll be going viral in no time!

Baby food packed in jars is now not the first option a parent would go for. The ease of use that comes with a spout pouch is abundant. For many parents, being able to pack a few pouches for a day out without making their bags bulky and heavy is an advantage which allows for a few extra toys!

Non-Food Items – Cosmetics/Toiletries/Charcoal/Building Materials

Shampoo, shower gel, moisturiser, you name it. Traditionally packed in small plastic bottles, the transportation of these goods can be tedious and take up a lot of extra room. As you guessed it, by using a pouch or bag with a spout, you can save capacity when storing and in transit. Plus, as a lot of brands still use bottles, you can stay ahead of the competition and create a unique look.  

The same goes for other non-food items like charcoal or building materials. Are you packaging concrete mix or other building materials into tubs? We’ve recently worked with Tarmac, who moved their It’s a Doddle range from tubs into spout pouches, which reaped massive benefits. Not only for themselves but for their customers who liked the freedom and extra time that the handle and spout options gave them.

What about the overall picture? What are the main benefits?

In conclusion, by changing from tubs, bottles, and glass to flexible packaging, you can not only save money on your plastic packaging tax fee, but you can provide your valuable and loyal customers with benefits that can make the difference between keeping them or losing them to competitors.

For all of these industries, we can provide:

  • Recyclable 
  • Easy Opening
  • Closing Zipper Systems
  • Spouts

If sustainability and recyclability are an issue for customers, and you’re apprehensive that by moving over the flexible packaging you’ll be sacrificing the sustainability of your product, don’t be. We supply thousands of recyclable pouches and bags, with zipper features that can be recycled too. 

Recent developments have seen the introduction of recyclable materials in flexible packaging. Recyclable bags and pouches are quickly becoming the packaging of choice for sports nutrition brands. Our recyclable options include solutions with high-barrier PE laminated structures suitable for these applications.

Source: https://www.flexpackmag.com/

Reducing your need for heavy and bulky packaging will have benefits that will last throughout the years. All the advantages from using flexible packaging will outweigh the concerns you may have, literally! And rest assured that we will explain any shortfalls or problems you may face should they apply to your product and some packaging solutions are not suitable for your project this time.

If you are still unsure and would like a quick chat, please don’t hesitate to speak to us. Our sales team are available to speak to you right now.

Law Print Pack are a leading expert in the supply and management of packaging throughout the world. Wherever you are on your product journey, we will be able to help you lower costs, and risks and, most importantly, improve results. Based in the United Kingdom, we also operate within the EU and work with a global network of high-quality accredited manufacturers and suppliers. This enables us to deliver solutions to clients across many industries and continents. 

For more information on the services we can offer, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or just contact us directly.


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