Canagan Biscuit Bakes Packaging Law Print Pack
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Pouches for new Canagan Biscuit Bakes 150g treats

Multi-award winning pet food brand Canagan decided to branch out further by introducing their new dog treats: Canagan Biscuit Bakes.

After working together for several years, Canagan asked for Law Print & Packaging to provide the pouches for their new product.

As a premium brand, the doypack pouches were to follow suit of previous designs with high quality print, a matt finish and an inner metallised film; not only to keep the grain free treats fresh, but to be exposed through certain parts of the artwork. The pouches also come with various features to benefit both the retailer (euro slot holes for effective display), and the consumer. Canagan chose laser scoring and easy-open cuts for easy access to the treats and to eliminate the need for scissors. The stand-up pouches also include a reclosable top zipper so that the treats can be used on more than one occasion.

The treats are available in 3 different flavours which are demonstrated clearly with vibrant colours. Law Print & Packaging Management made use of their new colour management system to further ensure colour consistency throughout the range and achieve Canagan’s desired look.

With a dedicated team of specialists that spans the entire packaging supply chain including design, print, quality assurance and international logistics, the pouches were ready for launch at PATS Telford 2016 and received great feedback.