Stand Up Pouches are perfect for convenience-focused brands and retailers across multiple industries

Offering a compact format and lower weight ratio, stand up pouches have increasingly grown in popularity. The variety of closures mechanisms combined with practical improvements to shelf life, waste and reusability strike the perfect balance between packaging form and function.

Key Features of Stand Up Pouches

  • Doypack or K-seal styles
  • Re-sealable with zippers
  • Available with spouts
  • Easy open cuts (tear notches)
  • Cold Fill & Hot Fill
  • Special shapes
  • 250ml – 10L

100% Recyclable Options

We have recently developed PE/PE Mono Film Stand Up Pouches. Due to the mono film structure, these pouches are 100% recyclable, providing a more sustainable packaging solution for your brand.


Improved Shelf Presence

Pouches provide a wide front panel design and great exposure for the product on the shelf. With ever-increasing competition for retail shelf space, the potential for large branding surface is a win for brands and retailers alike.


Width: min 80mm > max 450mm
Length: min 120mm > max 650mm
Gusset: min 50mm > max 280mm


OPP – CPP – PET – PE – NY (OPA) – AL


Rotogravure up to 10 colours, reverse printing

Join our valued customers

From innovative start-ups to some of the largest retailers in the UK, our clients trust us to deliver a fantastic range of stand up pouches on time and budget from design board to in-store delivery.

Our dedicated team work across consumer goods industries including pet food, confectionery and sports nutrition to name a few. As a fully integrated company, we deliver high-quality stand-up pouches to market consistently across the supply chain.

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Our Promise To You

Fully food grade approved

All our packaging is suitable for contact with food and meets exacting food grade standards.

Great Savings

Access to a global pool of high quality and accredited partners ensures the flexibility to source the packaging you want at competitive prices.

Sustainable Options

We can provide fully recyclable options using Mono Film materials

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