Akash Basmati Rice

Law Print has been a reliable supplier to this large rice packer for over almost a decade now and supported them in continuously providing high-quality packaging for their medium to large bag sizes, on time and when required. The Akash lines were the natural addition to the growing portfolio!

Law Print is fully invested in their growth and range expansion in the UK and overseas. They rely on us to not only deliver great packaging but also high service levels. We first helped them with the re-launch of the core Akash lines in 2012, as part of a large project that involved the transition from paper sacks to plastic bags.

In 2017, we collaborated again with their marketing team to update the designs and incorporate the new Gold metallic inks to bring a more premium look to the products. The following year, we introduced the Akash Gold 10Kg line and worked closely with their designer, developing and trialling different metallic effects until we achieved what they had envisioned.

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Format Optimisation

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Supply Chain Logistics

As for every project with this customer, we were fully involved with design consultancy and pre-artwork meetings, giving advice on printability and colour management. Their marketing team and designer came to us for our proven expertise. Ink draw downs and print trials were arranged to adjust the metallic colours and ensure that the key design elements came out as intended making Akash Basmati Rice stand out on-shelf.

They select basmati from the high misty Punjab valleys where the rice in this damper climate grows to produce longer grains. They ensure that each grain is aged naturally in the warmth of the Himalayan sunshine, creating superior quality basmati, which always produces fluffy, fragrant and tasty rice. This is why, it was essential for the packaging to reflect the high quality of the rice itself – the result is luxurious and glowing!

The main challenge came from getting the tone of each metallic ink and the contrast between them absolutely right. The designer wanted to get a “movement” on the Akash Gold logo, which we achieved by using a mix of solid Pantone Gold ink and a Black screen. The more Bronze looking shades came together after a few print tests.
Overall, the project went seamlessly and it was all down to good communication, overcoming technical restrictions together and ultimately achieving great printing results in Rotogravure process.

“Law Print has been a very important strategic partner for over 9 years. We find their quality, service, communication and flexibility second to none.” – Mark Gilham


“We have supplied packaging to the rice sector for a very long time, so it is always rewarding as a business when a customer like this particular rice packer keeps coming back to us years after years. Not only do they know that we can deliver great packaging, but they also know that we can help them protect their brand and help them grow beyond their core activity. Akash is part of their ethnic range of premium basmati rice and the packaging needs to perform but also appeal to this very competitive market. Our expertise on materials, inks and printing processes meant that Law Print could deliver the packaging that exactly met their expectations and more!”

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
Sales & Marketing Director

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