Woven PP Valve Sack

Tensile, puncture-resistant and ready-to-recycle bags due to the mono material structure.

Woven PP valve sacks are made of the same polypropylene material, where the outer BOPP film is laminated to the inner PP fabric, providing both strength and durability. Using Rotogravure printing process, Woven PP valve sacks can be printed up to 10 colours, with both glossy and matt finishes.

The unique polypropylene structure means that the woven sacks maintain a lower breakage rate, providing a stronger alternative to packaging solutions typically used within the building sector.

Key Features of Woven PP Valve Sack

100% recyclable

Mono material structure

Recycled content (up to 40%)

High barrier protection

Puncture resistant


One-pull easy open

UV resistant inks

Glossy and matt finish

PP 5

The PP symbol indicates the type of plastic resin used to make the bag and educates the end user on the safety and recyclability of the material.

Sustainable Packaging

The majority of plastic used in packaging is notoriously difficult to recycle due to multi-layered films and complex structures. Due to the same material structure, BOPP bags can be recycled at the end of use, contributing to a more circular economy.

As well as using up to 40% recycled content, it allows for a reduced carbon footprint when compared to the usual paper sacks, providing a more sustainable option for the market.


Width: min 96mm > max 380mm Length: min 150mm > max 480mm Gusset: min 44mm > max 194mm




Rotogravure up to 10 colours, reverse printing

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