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Law Print has more recently expanded its personal care portfolio, by often helping small businesses like Beauty Kitchen Himalayan Salt wanting flexible packaging solutions to offer more practical options than standard bottles or tubes to support their online distribution model.

Amongst them were Beauty Kitchen, a growing cosmetics company that decided that convenient stand-up pouches were the perfect format for their on-trend Pink Himalayan Salt bath product.

Beauty Kitchen Pink Himalayan Salt has a rebalancing and revitalising effect on the skin. Pure minerals for skin health, pink Himalayan salt is an instant full body detox. Primarily selling through eCommerce channels, our laminated pouches gave them the high barrier properties they were looking for and the assurance that their carefully sourced product would arrive with customers beautifully wrapped and ready to use!

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Although this salt is not for human consumption as such, one key benefit of choosing pouches is their heat-sealable closure, which ensures that the content remains dry until used, as the packaging becomes airtight once packed.
With the addition of a zipper feature, the pouches can also be re-closed multiple times giving that extra bit of convenience that all beauty conscious consumers prefer when it comes to keeping their favourite product fresher longer and easily usable at the tip of a finger.
Beauty Kitchen ultimately wanted a pouch that would show off their branding with a soft green colour and a matt finish to match.
Law Print understands that the beauty industry is constantly moving forward with packaging solutions that not only appeal to specific market demographic but can adapt to the increased online demand for conveniency, latest product trends, and offer more and more sustainability credentials.
This is why, since we launched our Ready2Recycle range of mono material packaging solutions, we have continued to further develop our offering with enhanced barrier properties, often required for beauty products. Now more than ever, if you are in the personal care market and also want to move in the right direction, we can help you make the transition from traditional bottles to flexible pouches and offer the perfect eco refills!

“With the personal care industry, we have seen a shift from rigid to flexible packaging in recent years with some well-known brands attempting to introduce pouches to the UK market, some more successfully than others. Other markets like France and Germany have always championed flexible packaging to refill bottles, such as detergents, fabric softeners, shower gels or even bleach. Britain is still a bit behind and often flexible packaging has been used for niche products launched by new brands. However, this is now clearly changing and Beauty Kitchen is one example of moving forward by introducing an on-trend salt product in a more on-trend packaging format”.

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
Sales & Marketing Director

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