Established in 2021, Claude & Clarence burst onto the scene with a clear focus; to make dog and cat food as sustainably as possible. As a leading expert in sustainable packaging, Law Print was the perfect match to launch the new range in our Ready2Recycle solutions.

Being a new brand, Claude & Clarence opted to pack their dog and cat food in non-specific printed bags which they would then label with each flavour variant, giving them more flexibility in terms of MOQ’s but still allowing them to use a 100% recyclable material structure.

Starting out as a new business in a very competitive industry doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your sustainability goals. Partially printed bags in a single polymer structure with high-quality labels can be just as effective and create an impactful image for success.

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From the get-go, the founders of Claude & Clarence had very clear objectives – be honest and transparent about the ingredients and use the most sustainable packaging solution. Their commitment to minimising the environment impact of their new pet food was essential to the brand establishment.

That’s why, they locally source and use only the finest natural, A-grade ingredients and each ingredient is carefully selected for its clear and proven health benefits. Choosing mono material PE packaging was a no-brainer to complement the range.

The challenge for any new start-up is often the volumes required for launch and the costs associated to it. However, it doesn’t have to be a stumbling block to new projects – generic printed bags can be just the way to go initially and when combined with digitally printed labels, the end result can be fantastic!

Claude & Clarence chose to supply their dog food in a 2Kg flat bottom format with top zipper & laser scoring, as well as a large 12Kg quad seal bag. Both bag sizes were partially printed in high quality Rotogravure process with a distinctive background illustration that would allow space for each product flavour label.

To ensure that the whole packaging is fully recyclable, the bags are made of 100% PE material and the labels have also been printed on PE material.

Claude & Clarence came to us for our expertise in both pet food packaging and sustainable mono material solutions. At Law Print, we understand the packaging requirements for pet food products and listen to our customers’ wishes to try and meet their expectations. We both agree that the bags look stunning and really fit with their ethos of sustainability. 

“Product development in terms of brand development and packaging was new to me.  I never fully appreciated the granular detail of what you have to go into!  It’s really important.  There’s so much more than just looking pretty; you have to consider the legalities of everything, including the packaging.  It’s about doing more than just saying what you want to say.  Every statement needs to be backed up with facts.  But it’s the absolute right thing to do!

The pairing of GA Pet Food Partners who were our educational linchpin in this huge learning curve with our fantastic design agency (Fanatic) who delivered the entire concept of the Claude & Clarence branding along with designing all elements of the packaging too was perfect.  When we started working with Law Print for delivering the physical bags, it all just worked so well! It felt seamless.”

James Webber, Co-Founder – JD Pet Foods


“It’s so exciting when we get approached by start-up companies looking to launch a new product. When I first started speaking with James, it was clear that he wanted the packaging for the new brand to be as sustainable as possible. After seeing samples of our recyclable PE-PE mono material structure, it was clear this would be the perfect solution! One of the challenges for start-up brands is MOQ’s, so when we discussed volumes with James, we quickly came up with the solution of printing a generic design for them, which could then be used for all the different flavours of their dog and cat products with labels to differentiate them. This enabled them to get the most out of the packaging without compromising on the look or recyclability of the packaging. The finished result looks fantastic and I just love the Claude & Clarence illustrations!”

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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