Club4Paws Dog Food

Club4Paws is a premium pet food brand owned by Kormotech, a business based in Ukraine, who specialises in producing high-quality, nutritious food for dogs and cats. Their Polish packer approached us to source both a robust and sustainable packaging solution for the 20Kg bags.

Law Print provided them with the next generation of Polypropylene Woven bags, part of our Ready2Recycle range, made of a mono material structure combining BOPP film and PP fabric laminated to a PP sealable inner layer.

Durable and puncture resistant, the “BOPP” bag – as we like to call it – offers a strong pack for heavy weight content without compromising with the requirements of a premium product – no stitching, heat-sealable for a perfect finish!

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Kormotech is one of the largest pet food suppliers in Eastern Europe and has been in business for over 20 years. They are known for their commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients in their pet food products and for their strong focus on research and development.

Packed by their partner in Poland, United Petfood Polska, Club4Paws is a growing brand within local markets and required new innovative packaging that would be designed to appeal to eco-conscious pet owners while also protecting the integrity of the food inside.

Polypropylene Woven bags are made from a durable, multi-layer material that helps to keep the food fresh and protects it from moisture and damage during transit and storage. The bags are also fully heat-sealed, making it more attractive for customers and helping the brand looking more premium.

The bags for Club4Paws feature a sleek, strong design with bold colours that is meant to reflect the quality of the food inside. Their artwork is a mixture of white and blue with a specific colour for the different flavours. They worked on new design concepts and developed very specific colours to achieve the look they wanted, which included desaturating the main image to give a unique and striking look.

Colour management was paramount and we believe the successful colour consistency is a contributing factor to the quality finish of the Club4Paws brand. The bar has been raised by brands and retailers over the last decade, who continually reduced colour tolerance levels to tighten overall colour accuracy across their portfolio.

To achieve this whilst all parties were located in 3 different countries, we arranged a live press proofing by video link to ensure that the printing of the bags was going smoothly and the Kormotech marketing team could still sign off the print job.

Overall, the packaging for Club4Paws is an important part of the brand’s success. The combination of high-quality food and innovative packaging has helped Club4Paws to stand out in the crowded pet food market, and has contributed to the brand’s growing popularity among pet owners.

Thanks to the same material structure, our “BOPP” woven bags can be recycled at the end of use, contributing to a more circular economy. As well as using up to 40% recycled content, it allows for a reduced carbon footprint when compared to the usual paper sacks, providing a more sustainable option for the market.


Having worked with the United Petfood group for a number of years, it was great to extend our partnership to its Polish site, when they needed packaging for the Club4Paws dog food bags. Our large Polypropylene Woven bags provide a robust solution for the 20Kg product range, with the added bonus of being fully recyclable and heat-sealable. Ideal combination for market expansion across Eastern Europe!

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
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