Law Print Pack have just completed a fantastic project with Kennelpak for their dog food brand Collards.

Collards were developed to meet the growing pet owner demand for healthier, hypo-allergenic dog foods. The brand offers a complete, nutritionally balanced dog food packed full of quality ingredients to help dogs maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Challenge

To support Collards positioning as a specialist, hypo-allergenic dog food brand with high-quality product packaging.

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Format Optimisation

Supply Chain Logistics

Our Solution

We delivered a range of high-quality printed bags with unique features to help the product stand out in a saturated market.

With years of experience and great knowledge of the pet food market, Law Print provide a constant finger on the pulse of packaging trends and innovations suited to pet food products.

When we first met with Kennelpak in late 2016, they had a very clear idea of what they wanted – something new and innovative – to which we had the perfect solution!

The reseal closure Velcro™ has proven increasingly popular for pouches and bags. Easy to align and with a distinctive audible click, the system is ideal for convenience driven consumers so they can hear when the bag is closed, ensuring a tight seal. Although an on-trend choice across other markets, Collards is the first UK dog food to adopt the Velcro™ closure mechanism.

Collards packaging also includes a metallised polyester (PET MET) lamination, keeping food fresher for longer and adding aesthetic value by highlighting key areas on the artwork.  To help achieve this, the bags were printed rotogravure, which produces highly accurate registration allowing the metallic silver effect from the PET MET to stand out.

For the perfect finishing touch, we added matt varnish to enhance the silhouette design and create maximum contrast.  Visually the packaging looks striking and both Kennelpak and Law Print are very excited to bring this new pet food range to the market!

To view the full range of bags,  visit the Collards website.


“Brands come to Law Print for more than just supply and manufacture. We provide advice and guidance with insight into new packaging features and innovations that can really make a difference to products in saturated markets.”

Employee Luke Cummins
Luke Cummins
Sales Manager

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