As an agent for paper bag manufacturers, Law Print has always supplied paper bags to flour mills in the UK and Ireland. Now representing Cartotecnica Postumia in these territories, we have carried on working in the trade with old and new customers, such as Doves Farms.

We approached the well-established business last year when we knew they were looking for a new supplier, and helped them to re-launch their existing lines but also expand with their “Free From” range.

Currently, most of their consumer packaging (83%) is widely recyclable and they’re working hard to ensure full recyclability across their whole range of gluten-free products while maintaining food quality. At Law Print, we provide a diverse selection of packaging products and with paper bags being our very first main portfolio item back in 2004, we were able to handle the influx of orders from customers, caused by the pandemic.

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Doves Farm started in 1978 when, at the time, gluten-free living looked very different to how it does now and “free from” products were nowhere to be found in our local shops. 

Packaging also looked very different, with flour being historically packed in tightly woven fabric sacks, which were then utilised into different household items such as tea towels!

Since then, things have moved on and like any other industries, flour products have evolved to respond to the market demands and consumer trends. Bakery products are now traditionally packed in SOS paper bags, with a block bottom base for stability, and are either heat-sealed or just rolled down and glued.

Doves Farm wanted a conventional paper bag suitable for their range of products, but printed with high quality designs that would appeal to a new generation of consumers looking for diverse flour types adapted to their dietary needs.

COVID-19 has certainly created an unprecedented demand for staple food items such as flour. It actually rose to an all-time high due to the trend of ‘lockdown baking’. Two years on, the baking industry is still riding the wave, and now, with social media being at the forefront of everyone’s minds, there are no shortages of baking influencers who are adding fuel to the fire!

Bags can be manufactured from a wide range of paper types with 1-3 plies. From machine finished to clay coated paper, Law Print can specify the right thickness and finish to suit your product applications. You can add lamination to the bag, or give it an edge with UV lacquer. If your product speaks for itself, such as flour, you can also add windows. Handles give an extra helping hand to your customers too!

As well as meeting the exacting food-grade standards that brands require, Law Print can provide fully recyclable options and responsibly sourced paper solutions. With production capacity and paper shortage still being part of the current global supply chain issues, if you want to discuss your paper bag project, don’t delay it and give a call to our sales team in the UK right now!


Having recently joined Law Print, I am looking forward to working with Doves Farm and expanding their range further. With now also launching own label brands for UK retailers, the relationship has flourished between our companies and with the support of our Italian factory partner, Postumia, we are confident that we can supply the same packaging quality and service levels to other flour mills or customers seeking to source conventional paper bags for such commodity products.

Andrea Sblano
Sales Account Manager

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