We can always rely on the organisers of PATS to bring the very best of the pet trade industry together for two days in Telford.

Our sales team visited the exhibition centre to meet with some of our long-standing pet trade customers and friends, as well as catching a glimpse of the latest product innovations.

So, if you missed the chance to pop by to this year’s show, here’s our roundup of packaging highlights at PATS Telford 2017!

Pouch Perfect

Pouches seemed to be the go-to for new and exciting product launches amongst a number of pet food brands.

Symply showcased their latest wet food pouches for Canagan Dog.

It was also great to see the team take home a PetQuip award for ‘Cat Food and Treats’ with their Canagan Light Senior product, just one of the many bags we supply for the Canagan range.

Various exciting new brands offered stand-up pouch formats for their food packaging. Marriages Bird Seeds used Kraft printed effect pouches with soft-touch finish.


Pet treats continue to launch in pouches that make a more convenient, smaller sized option. Forthglade and Purelyfish just a few of our favourites from the show. With Forthglade offering textured varnish effect on their packaging, tapping into multi-sensory that is set to be one of the key packaging trends of the future. At Law Print we are working on new and exciting haptic ink projects due to launch in 2018!

Dog Foods

Pets Choice displayed newly launched ‘Meatiful’. The range will sit alongside established brands under the Pets Choice umbrella such as Webbox, Goodwin’s Natural Goodness and Oceanic. The new branding and design look great and we’re sure it will be making waves in the pet food arena this year.


Another of our customers, Fold Hill Foods had some interesting new products launching in their Laughing Dog Range. The new smaller single-use packs looked interestingly like popular human convenience foods, a growing trend amongst pet food brands we touched on in our Zoomark 2017 roundup. We all know how popular popcorn has become as a new health-based snack. Best in Show and Billy & Margot took this a little further with some lovely looking doggy popcorn.

Just for Fun

We couldn’t resist mentioning HayPigs! A new brand focused on circus inspired gadgets for your guinea pigs. We absolutely loved the Piggy weightlifter – Vegetable kebab maker, who unsurprisingly took home the Pet Quip award for Best Small Animal Product.

Human trends continued into grooming with the introduction of dry shampoo for dogs. The Max and Lucy brand promises to improve bath time experience for all those pet owners.


Did you miss our team at PATS Telford 2017? To catch up with our team contact us today. 

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