Harrington's Just 6

Harrington’s ‘Just 6’ Dog Food provides the conventional benefits associated with premium pet foods. So naturally, they wanted packaging to reflect this. And of course, we were able to show them the perfect solution. 

Firstly, as we have worked Harrington’s for a long time, we were well versed in what they wanted to achieve. They wanted bags that were durable, would keep dog food fresh and most importantly, were sustainable. This is why they opted for our Ready2Recycle range, in 2Kg and 7.5Kg Quad Seal bags.

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Quad seal bags are designed with two side gussets which increases potential branding space to 4 graphic panels and are traditionally used for pet food products. Combined with the Ready2Recycle PE/PE packaging and a vibrant colour scheme, they went a step further and they were over the moon with how it turned out!

The four-corner seal format also provides great side reinforcement. As a result, this allows bags to stay in shape after packing. Also, the base folds under the bag to stand upright when filled. Moreover, this is important for making sure this tasty kibble stays fresh and the bag stays rigid to aid transportation and storage.

Secondly, the matt black feel to the bag and the colour scheme creates a premium feel, helping to reinforce the brand’s image, whilst keeping the product safe. Paired with bright colours and imagery, it made for a winning combination.  Harrington’s scooped the prestigious Product of the Year Award this year!

Containing Just 6 simple ingredients, you can feel good knowing this tasty recipe gives all the natural goodness your dog needs. For instance, adding slow-baked kibbles make it irresistibly tasty and crunchy. They use only the finest freshly prepared lamb, blended with farm grown vegetables and oils rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Be sure to check out Harrington’s ‘Just 6’ Dog Food on their website here and take a look at the stunning packaging supplied by Law Print Pack.


We have worked with IPN for a very long time and it was clear from the initial brief that they wanted a sustainable solution for the new ‘Just 6’ brand. Our mono-material PE/PE structure was tried and tested and it was the perfect fit. The distinctive black design looks premium and bold. Eye-catching colours make the bags stand out on the shelf. It has also just been voted a winner in the 2020 Product of the Year Awards which is a fantastic achievement!

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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