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When Kingdom Tea first came to Law Print with a packaging challenge for one of their speciality teas, we created the perfect solution for them – a Kraft laminated pouch with a metallised inner film to preserve the content and reseal zipper for convenience.

Tea requires high barrier properties to protect it from moisture and keep the content fresher for longer. With a 1Kg catering format, not only do they need a larger pouch size fit for purpose, but also one that would reflect the natural quality of the Extract Tea brand.

Our Coffee & Tea portfolio includes a vast selection of packaging ranging from paper bags to flexible plastic pouches, with zipper options and valves, suitable for ground coffee or beans, loose tea or tea bags.

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At Extract Tea, their mission is to make their products better. Better for local communities, better for growers, better for the planet and better for you. That means better for your business, for your team and for your customers. As the brand is targeted to other businesses who stock their teas, they wanted something that would be both practical and eye-catching.

They wanted bags that would still convey a “rustic” look  and turn heads in store. They needed a bag which not only enhanced product visibility on the shelf but remained consistent with the existing range. The brief was based on a design that would have a strong and durable material structure, whilst staying with traditional paper. Which is exactly what Law Print came up with by supplying pouches that combine both paper finish on the outer and metallised film on the inside.

As they sell many different types of tea, they also wanted a generic bag which would then be labelled up depending on which product was inside. This is a practical solution for businesses that can’t stretch their budget to multiple printed bags or want to keep the flexibility to update the labels, based on their best selling products and ingredients update for example.

Stand Up Pouches are extremely practical and versatile. The packaging format can be used for a broad range of products including tea and coffee, and all sorts of food stuff, confectionery, sauces, soups, pet food, treats, even skincare and cleaning products. It also allows for a range of closure mechanisms that help preserve freshness. This is important for a company selling different types of tea and coffee that need to be kept sealed consistently. 

This is why, Extra Tea opted for this pack format with the reseal zipper for added convenience, as it enables the end consumers to open and reseal the bags with ease, as well as locking in aromas and preventing unwanted spills of the product.

They have always used paper bags, but for larger amounts, they wanted something that could keep the freshness in for longer. We recommended adding a PETmet layer, so that the product would stay on the shelf a little longer, thereby reducing waste and giving customers a happier experience. The bags are also a bit sturdier and take up less space which is handy and overall the perfect win-win result!


The global flexible packaging market is continuously growing across all sectors, in particular for food applications where pouches are becoming the preferred format for many brands. Being both practical and versatile, it was the obvious choice for Kingdom Tea when we discussed their new packing project for Extra Tea. Large amounts of loose tea can be tricky to pack, especially when the brand image demands a more sustainable solution but the product content requires suitable barrier properties. A very challenging request in today’s world!

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
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