McAdams Sensitive Turkey

Law Print has worked with McAdams and supported the growth of their brand over the years. We’ve helped them with the launch of their core range and they came back to us again for this new Sensitive Turkey range extension.

McAdams is always innovating and expanding its offering. This time, they have produced pet food that is tailored specifically to dogs with tummies that are a little bit more delicate.

The new range is another fantastic example of McAdams investing in high-quality packaging for their product to compete with similar brands. We’re no stranger to their tight deadlines and keen eye for quality, which we delivered once again when needed.

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Packaging plays a big role in their branding efforts. It needed to reflect the brand’s premium nature and the no-nonsense pet food they supply. The design of the bag is much like others in their range, but this one has a vibrant green outline to give it a simple, fresh, yet distinctive look on-shelf to help customers. 

Aplix zippers also feature on the bags, which give their customers something which they now come to expect: the option to reseal easily and quickly. This is a great addition, something consumers not always think about but something that is practical and also offers a more sensorial experience to the dog owners and their pets.

McAdams supplied the team at Law Print with artwork previews allowing in-house technical feedback for improvements before the final release of the files. We were able to help and amend any errors quickly and efficiently in our design facilities.  It goes to show the journeys that a lot of the brands we work with go through as their businesses grow and more innovative features are available to the market.

The Flat Bottom bag enables excellent stability with a ‘box shape’ and five graphic panels available to design. It also ensures outstanding shelf presence in-store, making brands more visible amongst a very heavily saturated market. McAdams chose to pack their new sensitive range in PE/PE which is 100% recyclable. This is part of their commitment to sustainability throughout their brand.


As a growing brand of premium and super premium pet food, McAdams has spent time developing quality products and expanding its range with specific recipes. So, it’s only natural when it comes to packaging that the same quality is delivered – not only to protect the contents but also to reflect the high spec ingredients. Law Print has supplied beautifully printed bags in recyclable PE/PE material structure with low sealing Aplix zipper, that meet those requirements but also help them reach the sustainability goals set out by the business. The new Sensitive Turkey bags compliment the range perfectly by extending the current brand offering with vibrant, yet fresh looking designs.

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
Managing Director

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