When Pets Corner decided that it was time to rebrand their MORE range, they knowingly came back to us.  Having worked with them for a number of years, Law Print was trusted once again to not only deliver high quality packaging to refresh the look of their current pet food bags, but also to guide them through the options of a more sustainable solution.

With our excellent relationship already established over the years, the advice we have provided on this new project meant that it has been even further cemented. The team at MORE totally trusted our expertise and our knowledge of what can be perceived as a minefield when it comes to recyclable packaging. 

It also means we know exactly what they want and need from us. Deciding on a rebrand is no mean feat and is usually the result of a long thinking process, so having beautiful packaging to reflect the new artwork is crucial and that’s where we came in!

What did we do?

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The journey began in September 2019 when they first came to us with their new colour mood-board and looking for a new packaging solution that would be both strong and recyclable. Following our guidance, MORE chose two formats of bags from our Ready2Recycle range – our PE/PE mono material quad seal bags and flat bottom bags. 

Meeting with them and outlining what their goals were for this rebrand meant they were able to decide on the two different types that would be the perfect fit for their products.

The Cat and Dog food products span from as little as 400g up to a much heavier 12Kg, so the packaging has to be flexible and sturdy enough. Smaller formats have to stand upright on the shelf as well.  The new bags also have to protect the product in transit and must keep the food as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Being partial to bold and striking branding, their design team was really keen on having maximum space to show off the artwork. With 36 SKU’s to work with, we had our work cut out. Our combined skills and experience helped to get the job done, and the client was incredibly happy with the result, as were we! 

Click here for more information on our pet food packaging. 

MORE is an integral part of the pet food industry and specialises in Dog & Cat food. They want to make sure your pet has food that will nurture them as much as possible.  From Puppy/Kitten to Senior, they pour love into every meal. Here at Law Print, we are proactively designing for optimisation, reducing material usage, lightweighting and investing in recyclable plastic solutions that can all improve your company’s commitment to sustainability without compromising the quality of your product and shelf life. 

Like many companies we’ve worked with, our values aligned perfectly with those of Pets Corner. What’s more, laminated mono-material bags are strong, recyclable and ready for branding. For more information on our Ready2Recycle range, click here.

Pets Corner knows that pet owners appreciate the benefits of good quality food for their pets. They use human-grade meat in both meat and meat-meal form, and our recipe has been honed to palatable perfection. 

The high meat content and quality ingredients used in MORE’s recipes create a highly digestible formula. This super premium food is preserved naturally with vitamins E, C and Rosemary. We worked closely with the designers to produce bespoke metallic ink drawdowns for all 36 designs across the dog and cat range. Overall the project was another success, creating a further bond between Law Print and Pets Corner.

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Law Print has successfully worked with the team at Pets Corner for many years now, and we were again trusted by them to deliver their great new redesign! Sustainability is such an important factor to many of our customers now, and our new PE/PE mono material solutions were the perfect choice for the new look MORE packaging.

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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