Why invest in packaging management?

When it comes to product packaging, it can be the difference between standing out from the crowd or blending in with the competition. Most brand owners have a very clear vision of how their product will look but without strategic packaging management from the design board to the shop floor, time and costs can quickly spiral out of control.

We take you through 5 key reasons why investing in packaging management makes sense for your business.

1. Get it the right first time

Delivering the right product at the right time is crucial, especially for time-critical industries. Unforeseen changes to packaging specifications can not only cause delays in manufacturing but can also create hefty cost implications for your project. Investing in packaging management can prevent early teething problems and costly mistakes further down the line.

2. Network of vetted suppliers

When investing in packaging management you are also investing in a fully established network of vetted global manufacturers. Sourcing the right partners for your packaging product can be a long, time-consuming process, with many costly trial and error phases along the way.

3. Focus on what you do best

Packaging is hugely important in saturated consumer markets and can add considerable value to the end consumer. It could be the difference in securing a nationwide retail order or just missing the mark. Investing in effective packaging management can give brand owners the confidence that all the required retail standards are met. We know brand owners can wear multiple hats in any given day. Seeking advice and guidance throughout the packaging process takes considerable weight off our client’s minds, letting them focus on what they do best.

4. Quality control

Often in manufacturing, things go wrong. Rather than spend days in talks with your supplier solving problems, packaging management companies can alleviate the pressure. Their ability to liaise with factories on your behalf ensures the best quality control standards are met across manufacturers.

Colour systems and colour tables
5. Been there, done that

Employing an experienced team of designers, account managers and manufacturers can vastly improve project efficiency. Working with experts in their field can open a world of new and innovative packaging solutions that without prior knowledge could never have been achieved. Packaging management companies have a plethora of industry knowledge, from consumer trend insights to local market design specifications, helping your product meet the exact needs of your consumer.

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