Product packaging has moved beyond simply protecting and containing goods. It has become a fundamental part of the product marketing mix, helping brands influence consumer buying behaviour.

On the launch of Bric-Pak, our next generation quad seal technology bags, we look back on Law Print’s flexible packaging evolution and how innovation continues to shape our offering.

Kraft-Paper-Bag-Law-Print-PackPaper bags

Law Print’s roots originate in paper bag supply and the product still proves popular today amongst brands looking for an authentic, rustic feel to their packaging. When using PLA lined paper packaging customers are able to use recyclable and compostable claims that many consumers look for.

When supermarkets began to favour products with prolonged shelf life we started to look beyond paper to provide more air tight and grease proof packaging solutions.

4 Corner Seal Bag4 Corner Seal Bag

Our first move into flexible plastic packaging came in the form of the 4-corner seal bag. The new heat seal closure became an increasingly popular request from packers and consumer alike. Anything that maintains freshness whilst offering great shelf presentation was also hit with retailers.

In moving to plastic formats, we were also able to introduce rotogravure printing with the ability to use up 10 colours in the print process.

In smaller sized bags (less than 2kg) we found increasing problems with stability especially during manufacture. Often the bags tip and spill as they are filled and the wasted product all adds up to unforeseen costs.

Flat-Bottom-Bag-Law-Print-PackFlat Bottom bag

To combat these issues, we invested in the design of flat bottom bags. The new format offered a more stable base benefiting our contract fillers.

Wasted space is one of the biggest problems we face with product packaging. With a flat base the bags became shorter but with the same fill quantity that improves the overall branding visible on shelf.

Our advancements in packaging design have always been focused on total supply chain efficiencies for our customers and with Bric-Pak™ we believe we have found the solution.


This year we’re launching a new flexible packaging format designed to reduce material by 30%. With Bric-Pak™ our customers can fill the bags with more product, trucks with more bags and improve on-shelf presentation and branding.


The new pack has already proved a hit with buyers across Europe at Zoomark earlier this year. Being easy to handle, carry and store at home, Bric-Pak™ is both efficient and effective.

For more information on how Bric-Pak could work for your product contact our team today or request your free sample by following the link here.

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