Sustainability is the current business buzzword.

As one of the most crucial brand touchpoints, product packaging has become a key player for companies looking to make sustainable environmental and social changes.

The ‘green packaging’ market is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 8% by 2020. Whether it be to satisfy wider corporate responsibility, submit to increasing consumer demand or simply a matter of necessity for brand aesthetics, we have witnessed a growing trend towards sustainable packaging solutions.

Companies have already made headlines with sustainable packaging initiatives. Earlier this year the Co-op pledged to make 100% of its own brand packaging recyclable. The interim target was set at 80% recyclability by 2020. The move will see an increase in speciality packaging solutions and vacuum packs that can increase shelf life.

So what can your brand do to make positive sustainable changes to your packaging? And is the consumer demand really there?

We take a look at the facts every brand needs to know about eco-friendly, sustainable packaging.


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