We are always on the lookout for new innovations in packaging. The latest trend to catch our eye has been the application of textured varnish (or haptic varnish) to flexible packaging creating a unique, tactile finish.

As the launch of our first project in stores across the UK, our team explained why multisensory packaging could also be the perfect solution for your packaging in 2018.

Textured Varnish – What’s it all about?

The cylinder used in this print process is engraved far more deeply than standard ink or matt varnish finishes. As a result, a much thicker and uneven layer of varnish is applied to create a visibly grainy layer on the film surface.

To create the true feeling of Kraft paper, the varnish is mixed well during the print process to create an even print across the material. The textured lacquer gives a great finish that to the untrained eye and on touch feels almost like a paper bag.

Paper vs Plastic – What’s the difference?

Many of our customers love the look and feel of paper packaging but are unable to achieve the same print quality and shelf life properties possible with plastic formats. Textured varnish finishes can mask the appearance of plastic flexible packaging satisfying the trend toward more rustic, authentic design as well as offering a great point of difference for your product on the shelf.

Our recent project with Sainsbury’s for their Hypoallergenic Pet Food Range. Flexible packaging has been applied with Haptic Varnish to create a unique tactile texture for their latest Pet Food launch to give an authentic look and feel.

Importance of Touch

It’s well known that consumers like to be able to touch products before purchase and for years’ brand owners have been warned of the importance of touch in consumer purchasing decisions.

More recently, a new wave of emotional marketing looks to capitalise on touch and texture as companies seek to connect with consumers in-store through ‘sensory branding.’ Although psychological research into sensory branding is in its infancy, the growth in e-commerce could make touch even more crucial for successful multi-sensory store experiences. This offers an exciting prospect for packaging and its role in the marketing mix.

With a strong and authentic paper-like design, textured varnish could be the perfect solution for your future packaging needs. Combining fantastic print quality with a more rustic, textured finish can give your product the point of difference it needs to stand out from the crowd.

If you would like to receive your free sample of our latest multisensory packaging innovation follow the link below, fill in some quick details and we’ll send a sample your way.

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