BOPP bags are not just woven bags; they are the new generation of robust and high quality printed bags made with PP fabric and a special PP sealing lamination. Puncture resistant and transit-friendly, they offer an attractive alternative of sustainable packaging to various sectors.

With the UK Plastic Tax 2022 fast approaching, BOPP bags have been further developed by our team to meet the 30% recycled content target – first with PIR (Post Industrial Recycle) content, but soon with PCR (Post Consumer Recycle) content, which is the ultimate goal for achieving a greater circular economy.

Traditionally used for heavy-duty applications in the building industry or value solutions for pet food and animal feeds, Law Print supply a more customer-focused woven bag, not stitched but fully heat-sealed, and perfect for those brands who need the strength but still love the look!

Part of our Ready2Recycle range, the latest generation of woven BOPP bags offered by Law Print solves two problems at once: they look good and they’re recyclable. Our laminated woven BOPP bags provide a packaging solution for companies that require recyclability without compromising print quality, making sure they stand out on the supermarket shelves.

The latest innovative laminated BOPP bags will be ideal for premium brands who may previously have been reluctant to switch to fully recyclable bags because of reservations concerning the aesthetic appeal. Previous versions of the woven bags are still great for non-food products such as charcoal briquettes but are less attractive for pet food manufacturers with more premium requirements.

For example, Burns is a well-established brand in the pet food industry, often a synonym of tradition and quality. They chose Law Print to pioneer the new BOPP packaging for their whole Dog and Cat dry food ranges.

Using the Rotogravure printing process, BOPP Recyclable bags can be printed up to 10 colours with glossy and matt finishes and a tighter weave pattern, barely visible. Premium products with premium labels won’t look out of place in these bags.

This is huge for brands, like Burns, looking for premium quality packaging that aligns with the current focus on recyclability. Our latest sealing innovation uses special heat-sealable PP making the packaging more airtight and easier to close at the packing stage. Additionally, the cross bottom style with bottom patch strengthens the base of the bags and allows for the same excellent shelf appeal as non-recyclable plastic bags. Ideal for a packaging solution that comes in various sizes ranging from 2Kg up to 25Kg bags.

Burns Woven BOPP - Recyclable Packaging - Case Study

Recyclable bags are still often perceived as less aesthetically appealing than other non-recyclable solutions. However, Law Print has remedied these issues with the new laminated woven BOPP bags, or the “BOP” as we like to call it!

Around 414,000 tonnes of plastic-based flexible packaging end up on the UK market each year. However, most plastic in flexible packaging is notoriously difficult to recycle due to multi-layered films and complex structures. However, like our PE/PE mono material structure bags, customers can now recycle BOPP bags at the end of use because they are also made of layers of the same material (Polypropylene only). 

Although, the process required to recycle Polypropylene is still not widely available at local waste management facilities. As early adopters of the recyclable BOPP technology, all evidence shows that it is just a matter of time before we see governments and local authorities take note.

The more brands turn to recyclable PP packaging solutions, the more pressure the appropriate charges will feel. A number of retailers, like Sainsbury’s who recently rolled out successful trials at a number of their stores, are already providing dropping off bins outside their stores for PP packaging like they already have for shopping carrier bags and PE packaging.

We have listened to our customers and understood the challenges they face from the retailers and consumers alike. There is currently a lot of pressure on food and pet food manufacturers to provide recyclable packaging, but switching to recyclable packaging is not always a simple decision. This is something that Law Print can help you with, by offering options that suit your business and products.

If your brand wants to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. In addition, we are providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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