Greenwashing is a deceptive marketing tactic used by companies, brands and even prominent individuals to appear as if they are sustainable, eco-conscious and climate aware. Don’t Let Greenwashing Dictate Your Choice!

This tactic is often used to create a false sense of sustainability that can mislead conscious consumers into believing that the company or brand is ethical.

The term was originally coined by environmental activist Jay Westervelt in the mid-1980s when he was staying at a hotel and saw a sign asking guests to reuse towels to save the environment.  Westervelt pointed out the irony of the sign having witnessed that the hotel had not tried to ‘save the environment’ in any of their other operations. 

Is plastic packaging sustainable?

Yes! Creating a sustainable packaging solution was a huge game changer for us; we know it’s the same for many of our customers. Sustainability is high on the agenda of a business whether they’re a start-up or an established brand. 

What types of packaging fall victim to greenwashing the most?

Compostable packaging is packaging that biodegrades in a specific amount of time, in particular conditions. It is ideal for packaging that does not need to last long, such as single-use packaging. When you are composting, you recycle organic material in a way that mimics nature.

However, only a tiny portion of these packaging materials are suitable for home composting, so when the label says “compostable”, it usually means industrial composting. 

That means if you use pet food packaging that claims to be compostable, it may have a hidden layer of plastic inside. This could make it harder for it to decompose in a normal garden compost bin, for example.

What are my options?

The best solution is to use less plastic content – think light-weighting your packaging, or use recyclable packaging – such as mono material PE/PE or PP/PP packaging.

Ready2Recycle is the packaging solution that will help you reach your sustainability goals. The reason why the Ready2Recycle range has gained so much popularity since its launch is without question the race to sustainability from both brand owners and retailers alike.  Despite the current climate, the demand from consumers to offer alternative packaging solutions is still very much at the forefront.

At Law Print we are committed to providing you with the highest quality packaging solutions whilst always being honest and transparent about the materials we use and the way in which the packaging is manufactured.

We can advise and help you with this as we believe that plastic serves a real purpose and our Ready2Recycle range means that your products can be packed in a more sustainable solution.

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