At this time of year in particular, protein powders, nutrition bars and health supplements see a boost in sales. 

Traditionally, protein powders and supplement packaging have focused solely on large plastic tubs. However, more recently, the number of sports nutrition companies switching to flexible packaging solutions has soared.

Health & well-being products are experiencing a steep growth curve

The demand for sports nutrition products in the UK continues to increase. The industry as a whole has grown and adapted to the at-home gym lifestyle that many of us adopted during the pandemic. 

People are now looking for healthier options to integrate into their daily diet and they want it from the convenience of their own homes. To provide maximum convenience, a brand must look into its packaging and decide whether its current packaging is falling short.

Which packaging is suitable for my product?

The most common choices for sports nutrition packaging have shifted from tubs to stand-up pouches and flat bottom bags. Plus, the demand for sustainable packaging has meant many projects we work on are moving over to mono material film structures such as PE/PE with EVOH for high barrier properties.

The ductility of flexible packaging is a huge selling point for brands who want to give their customers the ultimate packaging combination, which includes convenience and portability, freshness and less food waste and an overall reduction of storage and transport costs.

Sports Nutrition Packaging Law-Print & Packagaing Management

Recycling & Sports Nutrition 

Pouches are now undeniably seen as a more modern packaging solution than tubs. In addition to being practical and cost-effective, they save space and allow for increased branding. Flat bottom bags also bring added stability. It’s safe to assume these benefits are why flexible packaging solutions are now a preferred choice by packers and consumers.

However, with many of these sports nutrition packaging solutions coming with added features like re-sealable zippers and spouts, many consumers are unsure, where or even if, it is possible to recycle this type of packaging and because of this, it ultimately ends up in the bin.

You can currently recycle soft plastics at certain supermarkets, for example, Tesco, which has a soft recycling bin in most of its stores. You can also have a look at TerraCycle, which can provide local information on recycling pretty much anything!

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