Flexible Packaging Solutions: Pouches for Drinks & Cocktails. As the flexible packaging market continues its rapid growth, innovative brands are seizing opportunities to disrupt traditional sectors by adopting flexible formats. Are you contemplating the use of pouches for drinks and cocktails?

One sector that has been significantly impacted by this trend is the alcohol industry, where spout pouches are gaining momentum and capturing the attention of the millennial market. But is this trend a passing fad or a transformative shift that should not be ignored? In this article, we will delve into why alcohol pouches could be the perfect choice for your brand.

Specialised alcohol pouches employ advanced barrier materials that provide excellent protection against oxygen, extending the shelf life of the product. When equipped with tap nozzles, these pouches ensure a one-way flow, preventing oxygen from reaching the contents and maintaining product freshness. Say goodbye to concerns about wine spoilage due to corking!

To distinguish themselves from established brands, innovative disruptors often opt for unique packaging formats. This strategy generates excitement and buzz around their products, instantly imbuing them with a modern and fresh appeal. By adopting alcohol pouches, new brands can position themselves as early adopters, increasing brand awareness and gaining access to new markets.

As millennials emerge as one of the most influential consumer groups, their preferences carry significant weight. Flexible packaging has already proven its appeal to millennials due to its portability and reduced weight. Alcohol pouches offer even greater flexibility compared to glass bottles, making them particularly appealing to this demographic.

Alcohol-specific pouches provide stability and superior visibility on store shelves. Utilizing rotogravure technology, intricate and visually stunning designs can be printed directly onto the film, making your product stand out amidst traditional glass packaging options.

Despite recent criticism of plastics, transitioning to flexible packaging formats can positively impact a brand’s environmental footprint. Pouches are known to have an 80-85% reduced carbon footprint compared to glass. Additionally, alcohol pouches minimise waste by eliminating the need for multiple components and reducing costs and materials. The reduced packaging also improves supply chain efficiency by requiring less storage and transportation space.

Glass packaging often results in significant waste due to breakages during transportation. On the other hand, flexible packaging incorporates robust multi-film layers that prevent unnecessary waste, offering a more durable alternative.

Consumer perception poses one of the biggest challenges for alcohol pouches. Consumers may need help to embrace the idea of expensive wines and spirits packaged in plastic pouches. Glass packaging offers a premium appearance that pouches may struggle to compete with. However, the millennial market is known for embracing unconventional options, supporting market disruptors, and seeking unique experiences. Recent market entrants have demonstrated this trend, leading retailers to introduce smaller formats tailored to convenience-driven consumers.

The rise of alcohol pouches presents an exciting development in the packaging industry. With their enhanced barrier protection, product differentiation capabilities, appeal to millennials, improved shelf presence, sustainability benefits, and reduced breakages, alcohol pouches offer a compelling packaging solution.

While consumer perception remains a challenge, the growing support for market disruptors and unique brands among millennials indicates a promising future for flexible packaging in the alcohol industry. Embrace the flexibility and contact our team today to explore the endless possibilities offered by alcohol pouches.


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Flexible Packaging Solutions: Pouches for Drinks & Cocktails

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