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Are you confused about the many different features that are available for your packaging? We can help. Whether it be to prolong shelf life, create added convenience or to help shelf presentation at POS in-store, our team can work with you to provide suitable value-added features. Below are the features available for our customers; each feature has its benefits so it is just up to you to choose and decide what works for your product:

We supply a variety of bags and pouches with optional windows. These windows are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes to provide customers with direct visibility of the contents. Food brands especially have come to realise the benefits of windows, with it often proven that many consumers are selecting products on the basis of being able to view the contents.

Reseal Zipper
Pouches and bags are available with an optional zipper which can be used to re-seal a product once opened. Zipper bags are popular across a number of industries where customers are unlikely to use the entirety of a product in one go. As well as preserving a product, zippers have the added benefit of locking in aromas while also preventing unwanted leaks and spills.

Aplix® Closure
Pouches and bags are available with an optional Aplix® re-closable system, which can be used to re-seal a product once opened. EASY-LOCK by APLIX® offers an audible and tactile finish that helps consumers know when their packaging is sealed. Aplix® is one of the latest closure technologies, proving increasingly popular as an alternative to the conventional zipper. The hook & loop closure has been adopted in recent projects for powdery products or snack-sized pouches that need to be close and re-open quickly and often.

Easy Open Cuts
Easy-open cuts or tear notches are particularly suited to products where customers require a quick and easy method of opening the product. Tear notch pouches work great for many products and are especially popular in the food and pet food industries where the speed at which contents can be accessed are important for busy customers.

One-way valves can be added to packaging that allow gases and aromas to escape without letting oxygen in. This can help to prevent packaging from swelling, while also allowing customers to sample the aroma of a product. Valves work well for a variety of gas-generating products and bulk goods and are particularly popular for coffee packaging and large pet food bags.

Laser Scoring
Lasers are used to score plastic films used in packaging. It also helps the packaging to be formed and shaped, providing added convenience for customers. Scoring the packaging can create an easy opening solution for many food and beverage formats as well as household and personal care.

Euro Slot
The euro slot or round punched hole is a popular add-on feature for many retailers, as they allow products to be hung rather than to be stacked on shelves. This often helps to maximise shelf efficiency while also placing the product at a strategic eye level for customers.

Punched Out Handle
Bags with handles can make packaging a lot more convenient, particularly for larger products. The ease at which products can be carried home or to the car can often play an influential part in a customer’s buying choice. Punched out handles are the most commonly requested handle format. As well as offering added convenience, they can be perfect for extending an existing product range, providing a size variation for customers who prefer to buy in larger quantities.

Side Gusset Handle
Side gusset handles are perfect for carrying products that are heavier. We are able to provide bags and pouches in a variety of sizes and shapes, with sturdy small and large adhesive handles and carrying up to 15Kg weight. These stuck-on handles can be placed in a variety of different positions on the bag, giving the customer flexible options.


As part of our Ready2Recycle range of mono-material packaging solutions, we also have innovative options for the PE laminated bags and pouches we offer:

Easy Tear Perforations
Standard laser scoring is not advisable for PE/PE laminated bags or pouches, as the characteristics of the PE film would not allow for efficient scoring and the easy opening feature would not perform effectively. This is why, we have developed an alternative solution by perforating the material instead of scoring it, which currently works really well for PE/PE pouches or bags packed by hand.

PE Pocket Zipper & Low Sealing Aplix® Zipper
To be fully recyclable, the PE/PE bags and pouches now also come with PE zipper features. Not only we can provide pouches but we can also offer PE pocket zipper and low sealing Aplix® zipper on Flat Bottom and Quad seal bag formats. This unique selling point gives us the advantage to work with customers across a whole range of products in different sizes and pack formats.

It is a 100% PE recyclable closure that addresses the consumer, retailer, and consumer product companies’ demands for more environmentally friendly packaging.

The Aplix® closure also offers unique features, including audible and tactile feedback when opening and closing, letting consumers know their package is sealed. This value-added feature secures the package and provides an overall enhanced experience for the consumer. Unlike other zipper closure systems on the market, precise alignment is not required for sealing and its resistance to particulates keeps freshness locked in!

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