Beautiful, visually appealing packaging has been important ever since products started to be sold. Having packaging that wows could give you a huge edge over your competitors, but it means nothing if the product inside is not accurately represented.

As good or effective as the actual product is, if your packaging does not capture what’s inside, you could be missing opportunities for sales left, right and centre.

Trialling your packaging identity within the design with mock-ups is one avenue to go down. Customers can give their valuable opinion on various designs and can choose which is the most informative and appealing to them. 

You could ask specific questions such as: 

  • What is the product inside? 
  • What is it used for? 
  • Is the information on the packaging enough to satisfy your wants and needs from the product or do you need more? 

Then, using this data, you can make sure that the design reflects everything that has been spoken about to maximise the advice given to you by your audience. 

Development teams consisting of production, design, marketing and sales are consistently using prototypes to ensure their final packaging is ready to hit the shelf successfully with maximum impact.

This means there should be no excuse for undescriptive packaging, but despite all the extra eyes and ears, simple information can often be missed.

And it’s not just product information that needs to be included in a design, but other key aspects such as the sustainability or recyclability of a bag or product should be transmitted to your audience too. These aspects are key to building a packaging identity to be confident with.

Choosing the right colours and features is always essential. Certain colours are synonymous with sustainability, such as natural greens and browns. Communicating those eco-friendly benefits to the consumer can make all the difference between a sale of your product or someone else’s.

You could also look at user-friendly features that are unique to your market. Such as:

  • Windows – Food brands especially have come to realise the benefits of windows, with it recently proven that many consumers are selecting products on the basis of being able to view the contents
  • Reseal Zipper – As well as preserving a product, zippers have the added benefit of locking in aromas and freshness, while also preventing unwanted leaks and spills
  • Velcro® / Aplix® Zipper – The hook & loop closure system has been more recently adopted by various markets for powdery products or snack-sized pouches that need to be close and re-open quickly and often
  • Easy Open Cuts – Tear notches work great for many products and are especially popular in the food and pet food industries where the speed at which contents can be accessed are important for busy customers
  • Laser Scoring / Easy Tear Perforations – Scoring the packaging can create an easy opening solution for many food and beverage formats as well as household and personal care
  • Euro Slot – Euro slot or round punched hole is a popular add-on feature for many retailers, as they allow products to be hung rather than to be stacked on shelves
  • Punched Out Handle – As well as offering added convenience, handles can be perfect for extending an existing product range, providing a size variation for customers who prefer to buy in larger quantities or want to be able to carry small pack sizes straight off the shelf
  • Side Gusset Handle – Side gusset handles are perfect for carrying products that are heavier, and we are able to provide bags and pouches in a variety of sizes and shapes, also available as PE adhesive handles for a fully recyclable solution for our mono material PE bags

Creating a unique packaging experience for your customer can actually strengthen the identity of your brand and product by making sure it stays in the minds of your target audience. This creates the custom, which then creates the loyalty, which in turn increases sales!

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