Is the ‘Pet Food Boom’ something we shouldn’t forget about? As the COVID-19 pandemic saw us isolated with nothing but endless Netflix shows and the added pressure of working from home, many of us turned to animals as a source of comfort. However, signs are still there that suggest we’re still animal mad, and so this is a huge opportunity for pet brands to ride the wave!

From felines to fish, the UK population acquired over 3.2 million pets since the start of the pandemic, a trend that translates across the pond.  According to a study, 59% of new pet owners are Millennials and Gen-Z (16-34), many of whom are first-timers. 

How do pets contribute to the climate crisis? In the US alone, pet meat consumption produces around 64 million tonnes of CO2 per year—the equivalent of a year’s worth of driving from 13 million cars. 

By choosing our Ready2Recycle mono material bags, you’re already one step closer to the perfect combination of shelf life, recyclability and brand transparency.

Mono material bags play a huge role in a buyer’s journey. To know that a bag can be disposed of correctly is a huge plus for a customer. And those brands who choose recyclable material for their bags are more likely to see repeat custom.

With this new cohort of pet owners putting the climate first, now is the ideal time to redesign the pet sector to be more sustainable, be it ingredients and supply chains or product design and brand communications. 

But beyond that, we need to rapidly change our behaviour as consumers so we can make more informed, conscious choices when it comes to our pets. 

There exists a real opportunity for brands to respond to the post-coronavirus world by offering consumers attractive packaging solutions that make their pet care easier and more environmentally friendly.

In addition to this, convenience features are already a huge positive flag for consumers:

  • Windows – Pet food brands especially have come to realise the benefits of windows, with it being regularly proven that many consumers are selecting products on the basis of being able to view the contents
  • Reseal Zipper – As well as preserving a product, zippers have the added benefit of locking in aromas while also preventing unwanted leaks and spills
  • Aplix® Zipper – The hook & loop closure system has been adopted in recent projects for more powdery products or snack-sized pouches that need to be closed and re-opened quickly and often

All our zipper options are suitable for our mono material PE/PE packaging solutions, with further improved low sealing properties. So, there is no need to compromise!

How can Law Print help you create the ideal packaging for the pet food boom?

We say it a lot, but our experience in the industry really is something to shout about! Pet food packaging is our bread and butter, so when we say we know what we’re doing, we really do!

For a supplier you can trust to always get you the highest quality packaging, get in touch with Law Print Pack.

We have dedicated sales account managers who will look after you right from the start, all the way until delivery – and beyond!

If your brand is looking to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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