The Future of the Pet Food Market

As one of our biggest sectors, we work on new pet food product launches every day across the market. From established premium brands and supermarket lines, through to exciting independent start-ups, our team are present at the forefront of emerging pet food trends.

We’ve always seen the pet food market to be fast-moving, with brands and retailers constantly developing products and innovating with their packaging.

Our recent trip to Global Pet Expo confirmed the sheer scale of market growth, as well as showcasing some fascinating product innovations soon to be launched in stores.

According to the report ‘Pet Food Market Global Briefing 2018’, the global pet food market was estimated at $220 billion in 2017, with global pet food totalling 4% of the overall food and beverages markets.

Recent reports suggest that global human food and beverage companies are increasingly attracted to the growth of the pet food sector, with high-profile acquisitions in the US.

The positive growth is mirrored in the UK market, with pet ownership at 48% of households.

So, what are the major trends we’ve picked up on this year? Take a look at our latest infographic for everything you need to know about pet food in 2018.



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