It is Ready2Recycle’s 5th anniversary! We launched Ready2Recycle 5 years ago, and we’ve seen it go from strength to strength. The focus on mono material structures from a lot of our customers, new and old, especially PE/PE, is a noteworthy choice.

Mono-material packaging, like PE/PE, simplifies the recycling process and contributes to a more sustainable and circular economy. By using a single type of material, it becomes easier to recycle and reduces the environmental impact compared to multi-material packaging.

The impressive inventory of benefits, combined with continuous innovations, highlights Ready2Recycle’s place in the hearts of businesses and consumers alike. Customers today are increasingly concerned about sustainability, convenience, and the environmental impact of packaging. It’s great to see Ready2Recycle addressing these concerns and providing customers with peace of mind through its sustainable packaging solutions.

As the initiative continues to evolve and adapt to changing market demands, it will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of packaging. Here’s to many more years of success and positive contributions to the sustainability landscape.

Below are some of the latest developments that Law Print added to the Ready2Recycle range:

Machine-direction orientation (MDO) film is growing in food and consumer packaging, due to its rigidity and higher barrier properties. This material spec is available for Pouches but also for Flat Bottom and Quad Seal formats.

EVOH coating is known for its barrier resistance to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide – ideal for packing food, pet food, sports nutrition and other perishable products.

Low Sealing Aplix Zipper
This improved zipper option allows for packaging to become fully recyclable when combined with a mono material specification, whilst ensuring a strong bond of the reclosable feature to the bag, without melting and weakening the film structure.

Woven PP Valve Sack
Woven PP Valve Sacks are made of the same polypropylene material, where the outer BOPP film is laminated to the inner fabric, providing strength and durability, with the added benefit of a filling valve, which is particularly attractive for product applications such as cement, aggregates, flour or milk powder traditionally packed in paper valve sacks.

We expect another busy year full of recyclable and sustainable packaging projects, so why not join us? Choosing us as your packaging partner means you have chosen a supplier who strives to keep pushing forward and will help you reach your sustainability goals.

Thank you for celebrating Ready2Recycle 5th anniversary with us!

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