Creating sustainable Christmas packaging involves minimising environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly practices. You might want to read our Sustainable Celebrations: Christmas Packaging Edition blog!

However, you might be wondering how to make your packaging more sustainable throughout the festive season. These tips can also be applied to other seasonal plans.

Here are some ideas for sustainable Christmas packaging:

Choose mono material packaging
Law Print’s Ready2Recycle range is made from a mono material specification, meaning it only uses 1 material such as PE/PE or PP/PP. This makes it more recyclable as there is no need to separate materials when at the recycling plant.

Add resealable options
One way of reducing waste for many customers is to add resealable zippers or closures to a pouch or bag. This then reduces the chance of food going to waste.

Add recycling information
If your bags are recyclable but need the end customer to take action, specify the steps needed by including them on your bag. At Law Print we receive many requests from people looking to recycle their bags but they just don’t know how. Cut out the middleman. Plus, in some countries, it is required by law to explain how to recycle or return.

Reduce the overall amount of packaging needed by using flexible packaging
If you are selling pet treats, you might be tempted to use a rigid box. Whilst this is a perfectly valid way to serve treats, it may not be the most space-saving, which could result in less product being transported, less room on shelves in shops, and less flexibility overall. By choosing pouches or bags, you can reduce the space needed, which in turn reduces emissions from your particular product and stops unnecessary wastage.

Remember, the key to sustainable celebrations is being mindful of the environmental impact and making choices that minimise waste and help consumers to make informed choices this season.

Sustainable Celebrations: Christmas Packaging Edition

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