Summer has arrived! As the sunny days fill us with joy, we head outside to the parks or to the beaches. We take products with us, such as snacks, sun cream and drinks. 

Customers are increasingly looking for one thing in particular when it comes to a product, and that is sustainable packaging. 

Here’s The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Summer!

1. Sustainable Packaging Options

Stand Up Pouches

Stand-Up Pouches are versatile and space-efficient, ideal for snacks, dried foods, sun cream and more. They stand upright on shelves, reducing space. They’re also handy for on the go, when in the park or on the beach. 

Flat Bottom Bags

Flat Bottom Bags provide excellent stability and increased storage capacity. They are great for bulkier items and offer a modern look with the added benefit of using less material than traditional boxes. Customers can easily pack these in luggage or bags, for out and about convenience.

Quad Seal Bags

Quad Seal Bags are strong and durable, perfect for heavy-duty packaging needs. They use less material than other packaging while providing a robust structure for various products.

2. Innovative Materials and Features

Ready2Recycle Mono Material

Ready2Recycle mono material packaging is designed for easy recycling. Made from a single type of plastic, it simplifies the recycling process and reduces contamination in the recycling stream. This allows your customers to recycle on the go – depending on the facilities available.

Recycled Content

Using packaging made with recycled content helps reduce the demand for virgin materials and supports the recycling industry. Look for packaging that clearly states its percentage of recycled content. 

Tear Notches

Tear notches are practical features that make it easy to open packages without the need for scissors or knives. This convenience can reduce waste from damaged packaging and improve user experience, especially on sunny days when our hands are full of slippery sun cream!

Resealable Zippers

Resealable zippers help keep products fresh and minimise waste by allowing packages to be securely closed after each use. They are perfect for snacks, dry goods, and even toiletries.

Clear Windows

Clear windows in packaging allow consumers to see the product inside, reducing the likelihood of food waste by providing a visual of contents. They are especially useful for products like snacks, cereals, and other dry foods.

3. Understanding the Plastic Packaging Tax

What is the Plastic Packaging Tax?

The Plastic Packaging Tax is a regulatory measure to encourage the use of recycled plastic in packaging. It applies to manufacturers and importers of plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled content.

Impact on Packaging Choices

This tax incentivises businesses to choose packaging with higher recycled content, driving innovation in sustainable materials and reducing reliance on virgin plastics. Understanding this tax can help consumers and businesses make more environmentally conscious choices.

4. Practical Tips for Using Sustainable Packaging

For Picnics and Outdoor Gatherings

  • Use Stand Up Pouches or Flat Bottom bags for snacks and dry foods
  • Choose packaging with resealable zippers to keep food fresh throughout the day
  • Opt for materials with clear windows so you can easily see the contents

For Travel and On-the-go Snacks

  • Stand Up Pouches with tear notches are convenient for single-serving snacks
  • Quad Seal bags provide durability and protection for bulkier items
  • Select recyclable packaging (Ready2Recycle) mono material packaging for easy disposal and recycling

For Home Storage and Organisation

  • Use Flat Bottom bags for pantry items to help customers maximise space and keep goods fresh
  • Resealable zippers are ideal for keeping dry goods and snacks fresh
  • Clear windows in packaging help you quickly identify stored items

Embracing sustainable packaging options is a significant step towards reducing your environmental footprint this summer. 

Your customers are looking for products that are sustainable, accessible, practical and perfect for those sunny summer afternoons in the park! 

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