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In 2021, the e-Commerce boom that exploded in 2020 was still going strong. However, in-store opportunities started to rise again, so it was time for brands to stand up and make themselves and their packaging stand out to re-capture emotional connections with customers and bring them back on board.

This opened the topic of packaging trends. Customers visions of their perfect product had changed drastically, and so set a precedent for 2022. 

What exactly are customers looking for? First, we delve into the trends that are a must-have for the brands determined to come back stronger than ever following a rough 2 years during the pandemic. 

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Vintage packaging has proven to express quality to consumers who are, more than ever, reaching for products packaged with “old school” visual dynamics.

One of the reasons for the uprising of vintage packaging is a yearning for the bygone days of old. 

Vintage packaging designs tug at the heartstrings of millions of people, prompting nostalgia amongst all of us, regardless of age. 

Nostalgia is a strong emotional response. Tapping into this means you can create a product that resonates extremely profoundly with customers, thus creating new custom. This can apply to any industry and any target audience. 

Prompting a customer to look back to perhaps happier childhood times or a decade with which they have a strong attachment stirs up memories. 

This can bring back customers time and time again if seen to do well for sales.


The rapid and vast expansion of e-Commerce presents new challenges in shipping and packaging. Once, consumers shopped online through choice. Then, in 2020 and 2021, it was through necessity, and now it is a consumer habit that is unlikely to recede.

Protective packaging is designed purposely to shield items from any physical harm and damage during shipping.

This may not be classed as a trend per se, as one would argue that protective packaging should come as standard for a product. 

We agree, but actually, as time goes on, we’re seeing demand for sturdier bags as customers upscale their approach to bulk buying items such as flour and pet food.

Brands are experiencing more pressure for better protection without compromising the look, especially as more and more products move throughout the supply chain.


Transparent packaging is an excellent addition to the portfolio of a brand. 

Consumers like to see the product they’re buying to better assess the content or, for example food freshness, to determine if it is good quality. 

Plus, they like to see what the product actually looks like and if it matches their expectations before they buy it.

They’re more likely to purchase a product if they can be reassured that what they want is exactly what they’ll get.

You can experiment with various methods, but we’ve found that clear windows are a definite favourite of consumers. These are available on our quad seal and flat bottom bags, and also on pouches. 


Packaging designers need to create designs that are easy to understand and visually appealing. As a result, experimental typography will be a part of 2022 packaging design trends.

Typography is getting more varied these days, as new trends and styles are added regularly while the basic roman and italic types remain all the rage. 

The abundance of techniques has become so immense that anyone can try their hand in ‘classic’ or experimental typography. 

The benefits of design are seen throughout the industry; they help set your packaging apart from the rest, so your product immediately catches their attention when a customer walks into a store. 


Incorporating sensory packaging into your portfolio will ensure that your product stand out from the thousands of others on the market. 

Multi-sensory packaging ranges from stunning visual elements, auditory features, tactile experiences, olfactory elements, and taste sensations.

Differing how your audience interacts with your packaging creates loyalty between your company and consumers through a unique experience. 

So what’s next?

Take advantage of these trends to make sure your brand is one step ahead. By creating packaging that is precisely what your audience wants and needs, you’re setting your brand up to be irreplaceable. 

We can help you with these trends, and together we can create beautiful yet functional packaging ready to take 2022 by storm. So let’s make this year the best one yet!

If your brand is looking to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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