Peacock Basmati Rice

Due to the recent demand surge for staple foods, the rice market has been experiencing a real boom in the last 12 months. Having already developed pack formats for various rice brands, S&B Herba decided to move a step further towards sustainability with their Peacock Basmati product.

They came back to Law Print for both our packaging and packing expertise in the field. As always, it was important that these bags could protect high-value basmati rice but also withstand heavy product weights.

We delivered the same quad seal bag format with a punched out handle as before but, this time, we made them in our Ready 2 Recycle PE/PE mono-material structure, which S&B wanted to trial before rolling it out to other brands and effectively being one of the first brands in the UK market to supply rice in more sustainable packaging.

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S&B Herba Foods is a company dedicated to the sourcing, development, supply and distribution of a comprehensive range of quality food products from around the world. Established in 1919, they have 100 years of expertise in servicing the United Kingdom and Ireland’s food industry. Like us, they supply leading multiple retailers, wholesalers, independents, food manufacturers and the ethnic foodservice sector.

Basmati Rice is renowned for its slender grains, delicate aroma, fluffy texture and delicious flavour. It is predominantly used in Indian dishes and is very high-quality rice, which requires to be protected to both preserve its shape intact and keep the product dry, away from moisture.

S&B had previously chosen our quad seal bags for the same reason. The four-corner seal design provides excellent reinforcement, allowing you to fill bags with more product, whilst the two side gussets increase potential branding space to 4 graphic panels. This format is also ideal for the product weight and its strength means that additional features such as handles can be considered. Convenience driven features are of great added value to today’s busy, on-the-go consumer.

The majority of plastic used in packaging is notoriously difficult to recycle due to multi-layered films and complex structures. S&B knows this, and that’s why they chose PE/PE for their bag. Thanks to its mono film structure, the PE/PE Quad Seal bags can be recycled at the end of use, contributing to a more circular economy.

These bags are part of our Ready 2 Recycle range and also come in Flat Bottom and Pouch formats, which would be ideal for smaller 1Kg & 2Kg pack sizes. Printed in Rotogravure process, they offer the same high-quality results as standard PET/PE bags, not compromising the very bright pink emblematic design for this Peacock product.

The addition of a punched out carrying handle provides ease of use to the customer and a final touch of convenience, making this brand new bag a perfectly rounded solution – practical, fit for purpose and ultimately more sustainable than other premium rice products on the market.


“We have worked with S&B Herba on various projects over the years but this was the first time we have really delved into sustainable packaging. Having had success in other industries, it was great that we could bring our expertise on recyclable options to the table”.

Sam Gilmour
Sales Account Manager

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