Scrubbington’s approached us to deliver a foamtastic range of recyclable refill pouches for their natural washing solutions for children.

Scrubbington’s was founded by two friends with a passion for marketing and a mission to empower children. That is to say, their products, in refill pouches, are 98% natural and made in the UK. They’re tested by creative folk in lab coats, making them great for everyone to use, even kids with sensitive skin.

In addition to being kind to skin, Scrubbington’s products are also kind to the planet. What’s more, they’re gluten-free, suitable for vegans, and never tested on animals. In keeping with the surge of sustainable products, the pouches are designed with maximum recycled content, material efficiency and recyclability in mind. In particular, they offer 78-82% water, energy and plastic savings vs. a bottle.

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Certainly, for Law Print, it was fantastic to gain a first-time customer that shares the same values and commitment to sustainability. We are proactively designing for optimisation, reducing material usage and investing in recyclable plastics. It was rewarding to work with a company that’s doing the same!

Similarly, Scrubbington’s wanted to create a product that encouraged customers to re-use and refill their old bottles. Especially with more consumers now actively seeking eco-friendly alternatives. Moreover, they ultimately recognised the value in opting for a light-weight, stand-up pouch to do this.

Pouches have become a preferred flexible packaging solution across many industries. However, Scrubbington’s are one of the first in the bath and shower sector to make the switch. Given our experience, we understand why brands have been hesitant to make a move; packing liquid into flexible pouches can seem like a struggle.

The self-standing pouches provide an improved on-shelf presentation, reduce plastic and emit lower CO2 emissions in transport as more can be packed onto a truck in comparison to bottles.

Now a whole host of brands are starting to see the benefits and follow in Scrubbington’s footsteps. As a result, they’re offering refillable options and selecting more flexible packaging solutions for their products.

We created the refill pouches from our new Ready 2 Recycle range of flexible plastic packaging. In addition, made from PE material only, the bags are deemed recyclable and are a more sustainable packaging solution.

The company opted for a soft touch matt film to give the pouches a similar finish to the bottles. Above all, this finish delivers a smooth, child-friendly, tactile feel, whilst retaining the same quality as the brand’s bottle products.

Scrubbington’s new Hand & Face Foam Refill pouch has launched in retailers this summer. Their new Hair & Body Foam refill pouch will launch in winter and can be found online or in-store.

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