Since the inception of the Vitalin brand, Law Print has supplied packaging for the full range of bags from smaller 1.5Kg flat bottom bags through to 12Kg quad seal bags for larger formats.

From our very first project in 2011, we’ve worked to bring consistent supply and the highest quality packaging to support Vitalin’s super premium brand image.

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Format Optimisation

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Supply Chain Logistics

“Premiumisation has been an ever-growing trend in pet food, so Vitalin wanted their packaging to reflect their position in the market.

Vitalin understood the importance of packaging for their brand positioning and highlighted the need for the packaging to communicate the quality of the product within. This resulted in a little more creativity when it came to the type of features, formats and finishing touches we could offer to add that extra perceived value.”

We introduced flat bottom bags to the range for the smaller 1.5Kg bags, to improve packaging efficiencies, significantly reducing material used in comparison to quad seal bags. Flat bottom bags provide great shelf presence, improving stability on the shelf so the product sits how the packaging designer envisioned.

For added convenience, the team opted for an easy peel, reseal label, so once the product is opened consumers are able to easily reseal the packaging to keep the product fresher for longer.

The latest additions to the core collection include Adult Small Breed as well as the launch of the more premium high meat content lines. Vitalin High Meat is the pinnacle of premium and the new introduction of black and gold Pantone colours ensures the packaging stands out from the core Vitalin range and communicates that premium feel.

[us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”Luke Cummins” company=”Sales Manager” img=”5441″]Over the years we’ve seen the brand grow from strength to strength, starting out first with dog food, then later moving into cat food and now introducing new formats including wet foods and treats. It’s been great to work with the team throughout, advising them on new packaging developments and trends, delivering a great finished product to support their global growth.[/us_testimonial]

Good packaging protects your product, great packaging protects your brand.

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