Building material packaging often requires different approaches than consumer packaged goods or food products, since they are often stored outside and sometimes for extended periods of time.

With the right pouches or bags, the transportation and movement of sand, gravel mortar, stones and cement evolves and becomes more efficient and cost-effective. 

Construction and DIY materials are often packed in standard paper sacks or single polyethylene bags which are all valid. However, large pouches can also provide the structure and durability to withstand heavy weights and rough handling, whilst adding convenience and practicality.

Is plastic packaging more suitable for construction/building materials and DIY?

Large pouches are incredibly strong when made from the right materials and at Law Print we can advise on which material is right for your particular product.

We can provide bags for all types of materials, including:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Cement
  • Ready Mixed Materials
  • & more

Can you add any features to make the bag easier to use and transport?

To make large pouches easier to carry, we can provide a punched-out handle which can support the weight of the heavy materials inside. Regardless of whether the end user of the bag is a construction worker or a home DIY connoisseur, it is imperative that a bag is easy to use. Punched-out handles are reinforced so there is no ripping or tearing when carrying.

We can also add a large spout to a bag to make pouring much easier and provide convenience for products that require to be mixed with water or additives, and be shaken before use.

Pouches can be laid flat when transported, which is great for space saving when in transit, but can remain upright when on shelf for maximum impact and consumer appeal in a retail environment.

Pouches for DIY: Marketing your product is just as effective!

Pouches for DIY should have clear branding panels for the most important information and, depending on the size of the pack can hold a wealth of important photos, graphics and text.

Marketing a product is a huge part of its success in the long run, and using graphic panels to your advantage is a must. The printing processes used for flexible packaging will ensure that your information is always printed clearly and to your exact specifications, from small and detailed drawings to very bold and vibrant colours.

Adding instructions and diagrams to the back of the bag will help your end users immensely, so you can be assured that if you do go down this route we can print this accurately and precisely.

We know that bags for the construction industry have to perform but it doesn’t mean that they have to be just functional and can’t go the extra mile for your brand and give its customers the attention it deserves. If large pouches are not for you, then check out our new Woven PP Valve Sack for an alternative option to traditional paper sacks.

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