Packaging requires specific materials to be produced. But which one is right for your product? Should you be using conventional plastic solutions or would you be better off switching to paper or recyclable options?

This blog will explain the types of packaging that are most suited to each industry we serve, plus the common materials that are applicable to those products. Please be aware that in some cases, we may recommend something different to what we have outlined here. Every product application is different, every brand will require their own specifications. It’s important that you speak to us first as there are many other aspects to consider, such as packing restrictions, storage and transit requirements, to name a few!

Food & Beverage

We offer confectionery packaging for items such as chocolate, fudge, biscuits and sweets in traditional small paper or plastic laminated block bottom bags. We also provide flexible stand up pouches with optional features such as zippers and easy open cuts (tear notches), which provide a variety of consumer-friendly USP’s.

Fruits & Vegetables
We work with a number of brand owners and supermarkets to deliver quality paper bags for fruit and vegetable products such as potatoes, carrots and onions.  Paper bags used gives a more rustic, premium feel and additional handle features offer great convenience for the end consumer.

We offer various cereal packaging formats with additional features that can add value for your customer, such as resealable closures to keep your product fresher for longer.  Popular cereal packaging includes Kraft paper bags, plastic stand up pouches and flat bottom bags.

Cupboard Foods 
From rice to pasta, through to pulses and nuts, or from meat to fish, we supply a wide range of products to suit your requirements.  We can supply pre-formed bags and pouches or simply film on reels for your convenience.

Bakery Products
We work with a variety of baking products such as flour and sugar that are traditionally packed in paper sacks.  We can also offer additional closure features for new products such as bread and cake mixes that can help the content remain moisture free.

Tea & Coffee
Many of our customers are opting for a more rustic look using Kraft paper bags for their tea and coffee packaging, although other packaging solutions include stand up pouches and flat bottom bags for a more modern look.

Pet Food & Care

✔️ Dog & Cat Food
✔️ Small Animal Food
✔️ Fish Food
✔️ Bird Seeds
✔️ Biscuits & Treats

Recommended materials:
We supply a wide range of pet food packaging solutions including the popular 4 corner seal bags with or without a front zipper or the handy stand up pouches and 3 side seal bags to pack smaller quantities or treats. Recent developments such as Woven BOPP bags, PE/PE laminated bags and paper laminated bags are also available for recyclable and more eco-friendly solutions.

Sports Nutrition 

✔️ Protein Powder
✔️ Supplements
✔️ Nutrition Bars

Recommended materials:
We offer suitable solutions for all your sports nutrition packaging needs, from stand up pouches to flat bottom bags, as well as plastic or Kraft laminated films. Many of our customers have identified that flexible packaging solutions such as stand up pouches and flat bottom bags give more mass market appeal than the more traditional tubs associated with sports nutrition. Compared to tubs, pouches are now undeniably seen as a more modern packaging solution – practical, cost and space-saving with increased branding. Flat bottom bags also bring added stability. Less packaging and more convenience are attributes that attract consumers that are increasingly conscious of their health and of a better environment.


✔️ Building & Industrial Materials
✔️ Household Supplies
✔️ Garden Products
✔️ Personal Care

Recommended materials:
We provide a wide range of non-food packaging solutions, ranging from standard paper sacks to large laminated plastic bags or practical stand up pouches for easy-to-go DYI home products. Recent developments such as Woven BOPP sacks with or without valves and PE/PE laminated bags also bring alternative recyclable solutions to this well-established sector.

If you’re looking for more information on which packaging material is right for your product, our company and the services we offer, feel free to download our Company Brochure. You’ll find examples of our work with local and global brands and retailers, as well as information on our Ready2Recycle range.

For anything else, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or just contact us directly.


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