Ready 2 Recycle Paper Bags

When it comes to recyclability, the obvious choice seems like paper. Due to its authentic look and natural tactile characteristics, it’s no wonder paper bags are appealing to eco-conscious brands.

This is why Paper bags form an integral part of our new range of Ready 2 Recycle products. Along with our most noteworthy recyclable BOPP bags, Pouches, Flat Bottom and Quad Seal bags!

You can see the entire range here.

Why is paper an eco-friendly option?

Paper bags are normally made of a 1/2-ply paper structure, which can be widely disposed of in mainstream facilities. Hence why they are so easily recyclable and usually used for the flour, sugar and industrial sectors. Furthermore, it’s a favoured material because most local authorities in the UK collect paper bags in their weekly/fortnightly bin collection.

In recent years, Paper bags have seen a resurgence in sectors like bakery, confectionery, produce and pet food. For the reason that the premium products wish to convey a more traditional ethical message to consumers.

Are they really recyclable though?

Paper bags have always been viewed as a fully recyclable and compostable solution, which they are, as long they are only made of paper!

However, some products do require higher barrier properties and extended shelf-life. Consequently, these bags have to be laminated with a layer of plastic. This causes issues in normal recycling processes and requires plastic coated papers to be sent special facilities.

To be fully and easily recyclable and industrially compostable, our paper bags can be made of paper co-extruded or laminated with bio-plastics such PLA (polylactic acid), derived from corn starch for example.

We can offer bags with an innovative heat-sealable band, allowing the bags to go straight in your curb side bin,

We know it can be all a bit confusing, so a little while ago we put together a comprehensive blog on compostable packaging.

Do paper bags have shelf appeal?

Paper bags are typically SOS (self-opening satchel) style, so offer the same free-standing characteristics as other block bottom/flat bottom bags. They can be closed by heat-sealing, stitching or just rolled and glued down.

For brands seeking a more rustic style and traditional appeal, our paper bags could be just the right packaging solution for you.

Introducing our new paper bag partner…Postumia!

Continuing with nearly 20 years experience in the UK & Irish paper bag market, on 1st November 2018, Law Print were appointed as sales agents for the leading Italian paper bag manufacturer, Cartotecnica Postumia.

Based in the Northern region of Veneto, the family run business has over 50 years experience in paper bag manufacturing. They’ve even worked with many of Europe’s most established brands and retailers!

Recently awarded with the “Best in Flexo 2018” printing prize, Postumia and Law Print are the perfect partners for all your paper bag requirements.

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