Sports nutrition is an umbrella term, encompassing many different products from protein powders to nutrition bars and health supplements. Traditionally, protein powders and supplement packaging have focused solely on large plastic tubs. However, more recently, the number of sports nutrition companies switching to flexible packaging solutions has soared. 

Now, a huge amount of sports nutrition products come in a variety of packaging solutions. The most common choices are Stand Up Pouches and Flat Bottom Bags, as well as plastic or paper laminated films.

Compared to tubs, pouches are now undeniably seen as a more modern packaging solution. In addition to being practical and cost-effective, they save space and allow for increased branding. Flat bottom bags also bring added stability. It’s safe to say these benefits are why flexible packaging solutions are now a preferred choice by packers and consumers.

Many of these sports nutrition packaging solutions come with added features like re-sealable zippers and spouts, and these are huge benefits to today’s customers.

Convenience & Portability

Aside from the obvious advantages such as fresher content and more accessible kitchen or cupboard storage, the compactness of a protein powder pouch gives the upper hand to gym-goers as the portability out-rivals tubs when at the gym. Adding resealable zippers means the benefits are tenfold.

Freshness & Less Food Waste

Food waste can be dramatically reduced by using flexible packaging. Thanks to the many options that can be added to the packaging. For example, resealable zippers will enable your end user to close the bag after use as often as required, reducing leaks and spills, and extending the product’s life.

Reduction of Storage Costs

Flexible pouches take less space. Therefore, if you normally need to store plastic tubs, you’ll be shocked to find the amount of space you save is probably more than you would imagine. This means the costs of storage will dramatically decrease too.

Reduction of Transport Costs

Rigid packaging takes up approximately 40% more space than its flexible counterparts. That also means you can save money on transport and you can reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. This extends to both road and sea freight, and allows you to spend that money saved on other things for your business.


Make your brand stand out and compete against the “big players in the game” by choosing flexible packaging over rigid packaging.

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