We all buy with our eyes. Research suggests that consumer purchasing decisions are made within 5 to 7 seconds of viewing a product. In a growing and saturated market like confectionery, brands are always looking for innovative ways to make their product stand out from the crowd.


We take a look at some of the key reasons why flexible pouches could be the perfect solution for your confectionery packaging.


Changing consumer trends

New product releases utilising stand up flexible packaging have surged by 30% from 2012 – 2015. As the modern consumer demands on the go, convenience driven products packaging has had to adapt by improving portability.

The millennial shopper, in particular, has grown accustomed to flexible solutions. As this demographic represents around a quarter of the population it would be foolish to ignore their preference in your confectionery packaging.




Flexible packaging offers an array of printing techniques to enhance the packaging designs of confectionery products. These include glossy & matt finishes, textured effect varnish, spot varnishes, pearlescent & metallic inks, clear and frosted windows. Even the inner metallised film can show through a design’s artwork to create a premium metallic look.

Pouches and flat bottom bags can be made with a wide range of features to improve packaging aesthetically and also add value to your product; such as rounded corners and euro slots to create great POS appeal.



Multiple layers of film used in flexible plastic laminates create the perfect barrier to protect sweets, chocolate and other confectionery products during transportation. Not only does the lamination offer protection but also preserves freshness, keeping your treats in great condition upon opening.

Bottom bases available with flexible pouches and flat bottom bags also provide extra sturdiness and offer great presentation on shelf in comparison to traditional film based alternatives.


Sharing’s Caring

For confectionery brands looking to capture the multi-serve trend, stand-up pouches and flat bottom bags can include easy open tear notches and laser scoring to improve accessibility. Other value-added features include press to close zippers and Aplix / Velcro mechanisms to encourage re-use and help to preserve freshness.


So, flexible solutions may be right for the consumer, but what about your business?

Introducing flexible packaging can be a great way to lower costs, reduce your carbon footprint and waste as well as improving the overall shelf presence.

Jars vs Pouches: The basics

  • Flexible packaging used in the confectionery sector uses significantly less material than that of the more traditional rigid containers such as jars and cartons.
  • Pouches are lighter in weight, saving on production costs. These savings transfer across the supply chain, with reduced storage, warehousing and distribution costs.
  • Less packaging materials can ultimately impact your company’s carbon footprint and help achieve sustainability initiatives. So not only can your packaging hit the sweet spot for customers, but flexible packaging could also help benefit the environment.
  • Rotogravure printing process allows up to 10 colour designs, that produces extremely vivid graphics encouraging interest and sales.


As more brands adopt innovative packaging solutions to make an impact in store, don’t get left behind by neglecting your shelf awareness.

Flexible packaging can be the perfect solution for confectionery packaging brands looking to boost sales and make a dent in the market.

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