Recently we’ve been looking at some of the most popular eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options available to brands today.

As laminated plastics are often not able to be recycled, plastic packaging is considered an environment villain, especially for eco-conscious businesses. As a significant part of our operations, here at Law Print, we thought it was about time to look at the counter-arguments that suggest flexible packaging may not be as bad for the environment as initially portrayed.

Given all the bad press surrounding plastics in packaging, many are surprised that the total volume of non-recyclable flexible packaging waste is only 1.6% of the total US annual waste. In the UK, packaging waste from all sources including industrial, commercial and household is less than 3% of total waste sent to landfill.

Using flexible films and laminates can significantly reduce environmental impact at the manufacturing stages. The amount of energy used in production/consumption has a less negative impact on the environment than traditional rigid packaging. So, although glass bottles can be reused and recycled, with flexible pouches the product to package ratio is 35 times greater than glass bottles. With more product and less packaging, landfill waste is significantly reduced.

These efficiencies also trickle down to distribution, with less space needed for transportation resulting in fewer CO2 emissions in transit.

When facts such as the above are presented, it starts to make the sustainability argument all the more complicated. In our latest infographic, we summarise some of the key facts and benefits of flexible packaging and how switching may benefit your business and the environment.

10 Key Benefits of Flexible Packaging Infographic

Convinced that flexible is the way forward?

If you are looking to make the switch to flexible packaging then contact our team today. We can assist you from design consultancy to final store delivery.

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