Finding the value of a product can be a complicated process. What exactly gives your product its worth? In our industry, we see the effect that packaging design has on a product. Marketing is everything, and if your product doesn’t have the right strategy, it can quickly affect numbers.

There are many ways in which packaging design helps to create additional value in your product. The concept of added value is crucial when discussing the idea of a product. 

To define the added value, think from the perspective of your customer. What would make him go the extra mile to get your product? Is it the product itself? Your values as a company? Or the way the packaging looks? Maybe a particular feature of the product or service that you provide?

What would make your product stand out on the shelf? Would a special textured varnish help it to stick out in their mind? Would the fact it has a resealable zipper give an advantage over one without? These are questions you need to be asking yourself when designing your product for release into the outside world.

Problem-solving is a massive part of appealing to your target audience. For example, a gym goer will prefer to have easy access to their high value protein powder to make the energy boosting shake before their morning workout routine and will always favour a product that will stay closed and fresh for longer. This is where you can jump in with your product by providing it in a convenient pouch with a triple zipper!

Here are some tips and tricks to remember when thinking about packaging and its overall value to your brand.

The first impression is always the lasting one

How often have you, as a customer, been into a supermarket or a shop and judged a product by its packaging? You might not even realise you’re doing it. 

You’re primarily looking for something specific, and if a product doesn’t hold the information you need, you put it back on the shelf. Or, if the design of a product lacks appeal, such as the colours being not to your taste, you will be more obliged to pick something else that catches your eye.

Then, you must create value by adding features and information that give your audience what they’re expecting. This ensures a long-lasting relationship.

Provide packaging that can be repurposed into something by your audience

Have you ever thought that packaging can be used again, not just by the manufacturers or recycling plants, but by your very own customers?

Pouches, for example, can be opened and closed up to 100 times. In addition, they’re durable so could be used for housing a wide range of other items. Marketing this fact to customers gives your product more added value, as they then don’t need to worry about the disposable nature of a product’s packaging.

Upcycling material is not a new invention, but we don’t see it marketed much. So why not set a new trend and encourage your customers to use your pouch as a first aid kit or an on the go sewing kit? It also gives an added extra – more marketing power for your brand! Every time they reach for it, they’ll see your branding – so choose your design wisely!

Change your packaging like the seasons change their colours

We’ve seen many brands refresh their looks over time, some more than others. This can be done quickly and serves as a great way to boost sales and keep the brand looking new and exciting.

Rebranding a product doesn’t mean going on a complete overhaul – you can tweak the design according to the seasons. For example, create a beautiful Christmas design and release this mid-November. It gives a customer a renewed sense of loyalty – they feel seen and special and let them know the brand is still active and innovating throughout the year!

Add extra wow-power with raised textures, varnishes and metallic elements

Packaging is a blank canvas, and the possibilities are endless for designing beautiful and create methods to catch a person’s eye.

We can provide options such as spot UV varnish, which makes the lettering or image stand out when printed atop certain parts of a bag. This can be used in different ways to extenuate a particular branding slogan or simply add additional layers of design to a bag.

As seen on our recent bags supplied to McAdams – who wanted to create luxury packaging for their new range – we were able to add stunning bronze components to parts of the text. This makes the bags stand out from the crowd and adds value to their product.

These are just some of the proactive ways which are proven to drastically improve the value of your product. Of course, producing the proper packaging for your target audience can become an experiment at the end of the day. However, there are things you can do right now to add value almost instantly. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us using the form here.

If your brand wants to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. In addition, we are providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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