Suitable material selection can be the most important step in the packaging process. And choosing the right packaging material often becomes a balancing act between deciding what’s most sustainable for both the product and the environment.

When it comes to packing a particular product, there are various different materials available to do this. At Law Print, we supply bags in both conventional and recyclable formats to many brands across the world.

Are you struggling to decide which packaging to choose? To help, we have put together this quick blog to help make the decision easier. There are a few questions you need to answer before you can fully decide on the correct option for you. Questions such as: Is my target audience looking for a company that has a more sustainable approach to packaging? Does the product I am providing need extra protection during transit and storage?

For example, pet food packaging may need an extra layer of protective film, especially if the kibble has a high fat content. In this case, our team will help you in specifying the type of packaging that is the most suitable one for you.

In addition, consumers are becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious and looking for products that match their eco-friendly lifestyles, therefore your business needs to take full advantage of our Ready2Recycle range. Made from a mono material structure of laminated PE/PE or PP/PP, our recyclable packaging solutions are a hugely popular staple for many brands that are committed to moving into a more sustainable direction and reducing their carbon footprint.

What should I consider when choosing packaging for my product?

Product Applications

As we touched upon briefly above, to fully know what sort of packaging is best, you first need to fully understand your product’s ins and outs.

For example, in the construction industry, you need packaging that can carry heavyweights. This is important for products such as sand or concrete. BOPP woven bags are perfect for the construction industry as they are extremely strong and can carry up to 25Kg in weight.

Product Specifications

It’s also essential to understand all product specifications so you can be well-versed in how specific materials will affect the overall quality of the product inside. Not only the packaging needs to perform and be fit for purpose, but also think about what the consumer experience needs to be for the package to open, close and function more efficiently.

In both conventional and recyclable packaging formats, we’re able to provide options such as easy-tear notches, laser scoring and zippers to provide ease of use for your end-user.

Target Audience Expectations

As sustainability is hot on the agenda, it may seem like the obvious choice is to go for recyclable packaging. This doesn’t always need to be the case – conventional plastic packaging is often a perfectly valid choice to satisfy the needs of your customers because of the various benefits it has. These include the ability to extend shelf life, therefore keeping the content fresher for longer and reducing food waste, whilst ensuring full protection during transit locally or across the globe.

For more information on packaging formats and to have an in-depth discussion with one of our sales team, please contact us via phone, or we can arrange a face to face meeting.

If your brand wants to invest in quality packaging, but struggle with the packaging balancing act, we will guide you through the entire print process. In addition, we are providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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