Are you interested in the Flexible Packaging Market Global Industry Analysis & Forecast? In the past few years, flexible packaging has gained popularity as it allows for more convenience among consumers as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

It is being increasingly used for pet food and human food, and brands love it because expressing messages and branding through unique design is easy to achieve.

Growing consumer demand for packaged food & beverages due to their convenience & ease of consumption is also expected to boost market growth over the next few years. Flexible packaging is generally used in the packaging of such products as pet food, food, skincare and cosmetics, plus many others.

The global cosmetic and personal care industry is characterized by the growing awareness of health and wellness coupled with increasing demand for natural, chemical-free and organic products. Thus, rising green consciousness is expected to drive the demand for organic and natural skincare products over the forecast period, which, in turn, is anticipated to boost the demand for flexible packaging solutions such as bags and pouches.

With a 71% market share, the flexible packaging industry has witnessed exponential growth over the past few years owing to modified films that are compostable. The flexibility of the material makes it suitable for packaging a wide range of products and makes it easy to recycle as well.

Flexible packaging has huge benefits, especially for businesses that have a large product portfolio. It’s highly likely that the forecast for flexible packaging will have included these benefits such as longer shelf life, the freshness of the product and the ability to reseal.

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