Packaging and Labelling: The Advantages

Labels are a vital part of your packaging. It sounds obvious, but labels are beneficial for a number of reasons, some of which are often overlooked during the design process.

Labelling your product helps your customer to differentiate the product from the rest. In the food industry, for example, food items are labelled with allergens, nutritional information and in some cases, the origin of the product.

In this blog, we’d like to reiterate some of the labelling advantages you should keep in mind when designing your packaging.

Important information is relayed to your customers

Labelling is and has always been extremely beneficial at providing instructions. 

Sharing information to the end-user about a product is vital for many industries. For example, in the pet food market, the emphasis on natural ingredients such as meat or vegetables is huge at the moment. Therefore, it has become important for manufacturers to outline the product’s full ingredients and the sources of those ingredients.

Information such as how to handle, transit, store and regulate the temperature the product is kept at is also useful for warehouse staff and eventually, the end-user.  

Creates a free marketing tool 

Labelling looks professional when designed appropriately. It can actually be a great marketing tool too. Labelling doesn’t have to be boring. As long as the important information is relayed to the right user, there’s a wealth of ways in which you can bring your product to the market in a clear and concise way. 

Marketing is also imperative to your product’s journey and success within the industry. So, you can use your labels to innovate and show that your brand thinks outside the box. 

Promotes sustainability and customer awareness 

Packaging that is reusable is a unique selling point for a lot of businesses, and labelling your bags as such will add another attribute to your brand; sustainability. 

Over the past 12 or so months, we’ve seen a huge shift towards businesses choosing resealable zippers to give their customers the option of closing the bag after use. Resealable zippers promote freshness which in turns leads to less food waste. 

We’ve seen a great upturn in businesses opting for recyclable packaging throughout lockdown, including well-known brands in the pet food industry such as Symply, McAdams and MORE. Zippers are also used by a few of our sports nutrition brands such as SCI MX.



There are many other ways in which labelling can be used to both inform and promote your brand and product. If you’re looking for more information on labelling, please get in touch. 

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